Woman killed by two for borrowing a gold chain

Jnanabharati police on Monday arrested a 40-year-old woman and her friend who allegedly killed a woman in their neighborhood to steal her gold chain to pay off their debts.

But after brutally killing 26-year-old Ranjitha on Saturday alone at home, the accused realized that the deceased had borrowed the gold chain from her friend and returned it. The accused had to take him away thali and cut off his earlobes to steal two grams of ear studs weighing 6 grams.

Those arrested are identified as Indiramma, 40, resident of Jnanajyothinagar and Rajashekar, 37, KP Agrahara. The duo had killed Ranjitha, a resident of the first floor of a multi-story building where Indiramma resided on the ground floor.

According to police, Indiramma worked as a cleaning staff at a catering company and due to the lockdown, was out of work. She hadn’t paid rent in the past four months while her friend Rajashekhar was ₹ 2 lakh in debt. The duo thought about all possible means to obtain the money to repay, but to no avail.

Ranjitha had borrowed a gold chain from her friend to attend a reception and exhibited it in front of Indiramma, which prompted her to kill her to get the gold chain.

On Saturday, Indiramma visited Ranjitha’s house for an informal chat. Ranjitha prepared lunch and went to take a bath when Indiramma asked Rajshekhar to come.

As soon as Ranjitha got out, Rajshekhar killed her. The duo searched for gold and realized he was not there. They then took the thali and ear studs. The accused kept the knife in the deceased’s right hand to pass it off as suicide, a police officer said.

Ranjitha was originally from Bidar and lived with her husband Omkar and brother-in-law Nirankar, both working in private companies. Nirankar, on his way home from work, found Rajitha dead in a pool of blood around 4.30pm on Saturday.

During the investigation, the police arrested Indiramma and she confessed to the crime. The police later caught Rajashekhar.

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