Warby Parker Adds Prescription Renewal To App

Online eyewear retailer Warby parker makes it easier to update prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses with an update to its iOS application, The edge reported on Monday July 19.

Customers can now update and refill their prescriptions on their Warby Parker’s phones Virtual vision test for $ 15. The test is an update to the Prescription Check iOS app, which required both a laptop and a phone.

The new app combines Warby Parker’s algorithm with Apple-exclusive software called Vision Framework to run the virtual vision test only on a phone. Users must answer typical optometric questions, meet criteria such as not having “eye health issues,” see well through their current glasses or contacts, and use a single-vision remote prescription, The noted. Verge.

Users then perform a basic vision test by reading the letters on their phone screen and alternately covering each eye. The new prescription will be written in approximately 48 hours and users will only be charged if they are approved for a new prescription.

This is the first time that Warby Parker will offer a contact lens prescription refill option on its app, despite adding contact lenses to its line in 2019. Contact lens refills will require refills. different considerations than renewing a prescription for glasses, noted The Verge.

While expanding its mobile offerings, Warby Parker is also considering a larger presence in physical retail. After confidentially filing an initial public offering, the brand recently announced that it plans to open three dozen new physical stores before the end of 2021, and could eventually expand to “hundreds” of locations.

While the virtual test does not replace a full visit from an optometrist in person, the framework’s algorithm and metrics reduce human error, reported The Verge.

The app is only available for iPhone 6S and above models; no Android application is currently available.



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