VanDyk Mortgage to Expand Maintenance Operations Using Black Knight System

VanDyk Mortgage Company has signed a user agreement Black Knightof the MSP system to expand its maintenance operations, the company announced on Wednesday.

Black Knight, which provides integrated technology, services, data and analytics to the mortgage, services and real estate industries, has contracts providing its MSP system of services to companies, such as the fintech platform multichannel Lower and Iowa Bankers Mortgage Society.

Black Knight’s MSP Loan Management System is a single, comprehensive platform used by managers to support a range of loan products, including first mortgages and home equity loans , as well as credit lines on a single system.

“Replacing our current technology with the MSP service system gives us the scalability, robust automation, robust compliance tools, and flexibility we need moving forward,” said Jeanie Nivison, director of operation at VanDyk Mortgage, in a statement.

As rising interest rates affect origination volumes, many providers are focusing on customer retention strategies. Black Knight representatives said its MSP system is integrated with tools that can help repairers increase retention, including Black Knight’s “customer service solution.”

To improve its operations and provide better service, VanDyk Mortgage Corporation will also use Black Knight’s digital service and loss mitigation solutions, as well as its “actionable intelligence platform.”

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Presented by: Black Knight

Offered as a mobile app and web-based solution, the digital service empowers customers to complete tasks and access home, property and loan information on their own, according to Black Knight.

VanDyk, established in 1987, is licensed in 43 states with over 90 trademark offices nationwide. The company has completed more than 120,000 mortgages over more than 30 years, according to VanDyk’s website.

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