Trovio Group Launches $35M DeFi Fund Powered by Yield App

Trovio Group, one of Australia’s leading asset managers, has partnered with Yield App, a digital wealth platform with $200 million under management, for the launch of a brand new crypto fund.

This $35 million fund, dubbed Trovio DeFi Fund, offers wholesale investors the opportunity to diversify their investment through a return-generating strategy within the DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem.

By combining Trovio Group’s asset management expertise with Yield App’s DeFi risk management experience, the Trovio DeFi fund will leverage the DeFi strategy that powered the yield-generating platform Yield App and the will make it accessible to a wider audience of investors.

Revolutionary risk model

Trovio DeFi Fund prioritizes capital preservation and uses proprietary sentiment analysis to protect the portfolio from market volatility. This proprietary risk model uses 135 measurable variables generated from historical data to analyze all aspects of risk exposure, including the four pillars of security assessment: smart contract, platform, counterparty, and financial/debt risk. credit.

Based on this model, the risk analysis system returns a measurement that informs the management team about the total amount of liquidity in the credit pools, along with an alphabetical note from A to Z. This system aims to objective to help decide whether or not the Trovio DeFi Fund should make an investment.

Yield App’s chief investment officer, Lucas Kiely, said the new partnership will benefit wholesale investors with access to a tested DeFi strategy, which has powered Yield App’s yield-generating engine. Lucas further stated:

Yield App’s expertise in the DeFi space, combined with Trovio’s long and successful track record in the digital asset industry, makes them the best placed team in the market to take advantage of the opportunities available in DeFi, while maintaining a strict concentration on capital. conservation throughout”,

he added, providing additional context on the goals of this collaboration.

Yield App CEO Tim Frost was also keen on the partnership, saying the team is proud to share its industry-leading expertise and industry-leading risk model with Trovio. According to Tim, the collaboration is an unprecedented opportunity to explore synergies between the two companies.

From Trovio Group, CEO John Deane said:

Trovio has spent the past five years building a market-leading asset management solution for native digital assets. Today we are delighted to announce the launch of the Trovio DeFi fund in partnership with Yield App, an institution we have worked closely with during this time. Yield App brings a wealth of experience in managing risk in decentralized finance, and we look forward to continuing to grow this partnership, providing our investors with recognizable institutional investment products aligned with best-in-class risk management and governance.”.

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