The famous voice of the New York lottery is retiring

Millions of people used to wait for her to come to their TV every night to tell them their dreams had come true…now she stops.

If you’ve bought a lottery ticket in the last 3 decades in New York State, you may have waited to see it during the 11 a.m. news. She had a name as unforgettable as her delivery. It just came out of your tongue!

“I’m YolAAAnda Vega! Here are tonight’s numbers…”

She was the voice and face of the New York Lottery for 32 years and it was like everyone in the state knew who she was. She was a celebrity.

She finally decided to lower the mic and move on with her life.

Over the years, she has said how great it was to be a part of making people’s dreams come true and changing their lives. When Sheppard Smith asked her if she had any advice, she says she always tells people to play them special dates, from birthdays to anniversaries. And if that doesn’t work for you, just use the quick selects. She added that they had a ton of winners on Quick Picks.

One of the things that stands out from this interview is that when she started saying her name in an unforgettable way, the producers told her it was just a waste of precious time. Ironically, that’s what sets her apart and keeps people watching her every night.

Why did she retire? She said she had a lot of friends who have already retired and they were pressuring her to join them.

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