Tammy Rivera is done with her daughter Charlie borrowing her things without asking – can you all understand?

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In a recent Instagram post, Tammy rivera explained to her followers the pitfalls of having a teenage daughter who wants to be as chic and fashionable as their mom.

In the caption of a now-deleted post showing an SMS exchange between mother and daughter, Tammy explained that she had had it with Charlie, 15, use his things without asking first. The mother said she was particularly annoyed when Charlie rocked more expensive items to her without her knowledge, such as when the child had borrowed her pair of $ 60,000 earrings or wore one of her diamond chains. school.

“Dude listen, I can’t make this shit up !! So have the nerve to say she thought they were beauty store earrings, ”Tammy wrote in her caption. “I caught her wearing my diamond chain to school. She stays in my closet, stays in my makeup !! Steals my eyelashes !! She knows touching my bags is a death sentence and thank goodness , she can’t put on my little shoes!

“Have those of you with teenage daughters all been there or am I just a punk parent?” The reality TV star asked her subscribers. “Because I would get fucked in the ass if I even went to my mom’s room when she wasn’t home !!!”

In the comments to @theneygiènehoodtalk’s post, many sympathized with Tammy’s frustrations over how she and Charlie’s similar fashion sense are impacting their mother-daughter relationship. Others remembered their younger years and how their own mothers handled the common problem when it presented itself. For example, City Girl Yung Miami commented on the post and shared, “My mom would come to school and take her bag off my arm.”

Other users said various things like:

“I used to ask my mom first, then hang on to it until she asked for her things again 😂😭😩😩”

“Yes, my 3 year old daughter, and I use all my perfume. Tryna smells good for her grandma, “

“Tammy, you are not alone! , “

and “The beauties of having a trendy mom and daughter.”

Other reviewers have shared that even though they are no longer children, they still shop from their mother’s closets.

See the now deleted post below.

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