Suspects withdraw cash after borrowing woman’s phone for minutes

Police have urged residents to beware of fraud after an incident in which all of a woman’s money was withdrawn from her account after she lent her phone for a few minutes.

Randburg police station spokesman Capt. Makgowanyana Maja said one August afternoon the woman saw people outside her house.
“She approached them and they informed her that they were handing out free routers and [airtime]“, said Maja.

“She alleged that she had [an] interest and the suspect asked [for] her phone to call the company to see if she qualifies. She did and she was told to change phones [off] for two hours.”

Later, when the woman was at home and had turned on her phone, she realized that she had not received any messages.

After a day or two, she went to the bank and found that her money had been withdrawn from her account.

“[On] this note, we appeal or request that our community does not allow anyone [to use] their phones or laptops. Don’t trust any stranger with your personal information.

Additionally, Maja advised community members not to store important information on their phones and laptops.

They also shouldn’t buy anything advertised on social media and should instead go to known retailers or places to buy things.

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