SoFi Relay Review

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You’ve probably heard of SoFi before. The fintech company has distinguished itself by offering a range of financial products, from refinancing student loans, mortgages and personal loans to credit cards, investments and banking.

SoFi customers are also known to enjoy a series of benefits: 0.125% interest rate discount on other SoFi loan products such as student loan refinancing and personal loans, access to exclusive events and experiences, as well as career services and financial advisors. One benefit that is a more recent addition is the company’s SoFi® Relay tool.

With SoFi Relay, users can link external financial accounts to see all of their money in one place, get a breakdown of their spending, and access free credit score monitoring. You can access SoFi Relay through the SoFi app. And, if this is your first time using the app, it will give you access to a free financial expert with whom you can discuss your plans and goals.

Below, Select reviews the SoFi Relay feature, which is part of the SoFi mobile app. We give you all the details about SoFi Relay tools, benefits, security, pricing, availability, and ratings so you can decide if it’s right for managing your money.

SoFi Relay Reviews

SoFi Relay Tools

SoFi Relay lets you link all of your existing deposit accounts (think checking and savings), investment accounts, and retirement accounts into one mobile dashboard. This means that users can have a quick overview of their entire financial situation on one page.

Sofi Relay helps you organize your spending by category and allows you to set monthly spending goals. It offers users a one-on-one conversation with a financial planner that aims to make it easier to achieve your financial goals.

SoFi Relay also has a credit monitoring section where you can not only track your credit score but also find out how you can increase it. Users will see a complete history of their credit score, as well as the factors that have the most impact on their credit. To help you stay on top of your credit scores, SoFi Relay will send weekly updates regarding any changes.


A big advantage of using SoFi Relay is having the ability to link to things beyond deposit, investment, or retirement accounts. Users can add their credit cards, loans, and property, such as a house or a car that they may own. For example, a car owner can enter the model and year of their car and SoFi Relay will calculate its value, which will then appear on their dashboard. Presenting these assets and liabilities to users gives them a better idea of ​​their overall net worth.

SoFi, in general, provides a number of services: it will help users access unemployment protection, estate planning, and college funding advice. For those looking for more resources to reach their financial goals, check out the SoFi SoFi Learn educational blog.


SoFi Relay is hosted in the SoFi application. The SoFi app has two-factor authentication. Therefore, in addition to an access code, you will need a security code, fingerprint recognition or facial identifier to access your account.

Your data on the application is stored on the servers of SoFi and Plaid, SoFi’s partner, hosted by Amazon Web Services. SoFi itself does not have access to your personal account credentials.


The use of the SoFi app is completely free. However, there are some ads in the app that will appear occasionally.

Availability and ratings

The SoFi app is available in the App Store (for iOS) and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. It is also available on Google Play (for Android).

App Store Rating at time of writing: 4.8 out of 5 (over 105,000 ratings)

Note on Google Play at time of writing: 4.4 out of 5 (over 14,000 ratings)

At the end of the line

If you are already a SoFi user, SoFi Relay is really a no-brainer to take advantage of. You’ll have free access to a unique mobile dashboard with your net worth fully visible, along with credit monitoring with weekly credit alerts and personalized expense tracking.

For those outside the SoFi network, consider tracking your finances through a robust budgeting app like You Need A Budget (YNAB) (for serious budgets) or PocketGuard (for overspenders). Similar to SoFi, Personal Capital also offers net worth tracking, budgeting tools, and expense tracking.

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