Sick man approaches cops after being harassed by loan sharks

Mumbai: Sick man approaches cops after being harassed by loan sharks | Photo: representative image

Trusting a mobile loan application proved costly for a 34-year-old typist from Malad. The victim had downloaded a mobile loan app on his phone as he needed money and also took and repaid the loan from said app. However, the harassment of the victim started when he started receiving money loaned into his bank account, without asking for a loan. The victim then started receiving threatening messages from loan collectors asking him to repay the loans or else they would call his relatives and defame his image. The scammers also shared obscene images with the victim, threatening to send them to those on his contact list.

According to Kurar Police, the complainant is a resident of Kurar village in Malad. On June 24, the victim, who was in need of money, downloaded a mobile loan application on his phone and shared his identity, bank details and photo on said application. After some time, the victim learned on the app that a loan of Rs 2000 had been approved and Rs 1200 had been credited to his bank account. The victim had made the payment of the said loan on June 29. The victim had fully taken out loans on at least five occasions since the application and repaid it on time.

According to the victim, from July 27 to August 02, the victim had received loan money in his bank account, without applying for a loan. On August 07, the victim received abusive messages on his phone from loan collectors asking him to repay the loan money. Officers also threatened to call his relatives and send his obscenely transformed image to those on his contact list. Harassed by this, the victim went to the police and registered a criminal offense on Saturday. The victim also provided nine mobile numbers of recovery agents to the police.

The police registered a case for acts committed by several people in pursuit of a common intention, cheating and dishonest inducement to deliver goods, intentional insult with the intention of causing a breach of public order, criminal intimidation, theft of identity and deception by identity theft using computer resource.

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