Shinedown at the Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, VA

Things heated up one late summer night when Shinedown rocked the stage with their Planet Zero World Tour in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The first on stage was Jean Harvie, a Nashville-based musician who dabbles in a variety of sounds found in the alt-rock genre. In a bold move to wear leather pants and a heavy jacket, Harvie brought the energy to ignite the early evening crowd. Bouncing back and forth across the stage, Harvie and her team made sure concertgoers were warmed up and ready for anything. Closing the set with his first single “Bleach (On The Rocks)”, John Harvie was a pleasant new discovery.

Following this energetic performance was jelly roll, a musician from Tennessee who has crossed and connected many genres, including rap, rock and country. With an impressive three million followers on TikTok, the crowd was practically packed when he arrived on stage. Performing hit songs like “Son of a Sinner” and “Dead Man Walking,” Jelly Roll delivered an absolutely memorable performance. At one point, while performing a mix of several songs, Zach Myers joined him on stage to sing “99 Problems”, which came as a surprise. Besides being an incredibly talented musician, Jelly Roll has demonstrated how much he appreciates the opportunity to do what he does. The crowd appreciated him and his talent.

After such an incredible performance by Jelly Roll, it was time for a change of set and Shinedown to go on stage. By then, the crowd had completely filled up and everyone was waiting for the spectacular show that everyone knows and expects from Shinedown. The set started with two large video screens located at the back of the stage. Just before Shinedown appeared on stage, a montage video of behind-the-scenes footage from the tour was released. Towards the end of the edit, Cyren, the found robot relaying messages on the album Planet Zero, appeared to speak with concertgoers. At the end, the screens split to the sides to show the band members walking to the front of the stage to wave to the crowd.

A Shinedown concert is truly an unforgettable performance. The set began with “Saints of Violence and Innuendo”, complete with pyro and fireworks. From the start of the show, the energy of the band and the crowd spread throughout the amphitheater. Between vocalist Brent Smith’s vocals filling the night sky, guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass bouncing around the stage, and drummer Barry Kerch waving his drumsticks wildly, the energy was there from the moment they put on foot on stage.

Along with an amazing performance, Shinedown has a way of sprinkling inspirational moments through their shows. At one point singer Brent Smith asked the crowd what was the meaning of life? His answer ? “To live it.” Failures are part of life, it’s how we react to those failures that determines how we live. Fairly heavy conversation, but thought-provoking for a Sunday night concert.

Other hits played were older favorites like “How Did You Love”, “Enemies”, “Cut The Cord”, “Second Chance” and “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)”, as well as more recent hits, such as “Devil”, “Arise” and “Monsters”. Towards the end of the show, Shinedown brought back Jelly Roll to perform their cover of “Simple Man” with them. The evening was concluded with a song that had previously been used to open their shows, “Sound of Madness”.

The American stage of Planet Zero World Tour with Jelly Roll and John Harvie closes October 9 in Sacramento, Calif., at the Aftershock Festival. If given the opportunity to attend, this show is one not to be missed.

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