See a billion dollar art gallery at home

You could pay $ 700 for a Meural art frame that showcases digital art. Or for $ 40, you could have 500 paintings on your TV.

The “Billionaire Art Gallery” puts the world’s greatest art on a USB stick that you stick to the back of your TV. For me, watching the paintings scroll by in a spectacular video is better than seeing them in a museum or trying to mount something myself.

The painting lingers for a while before the title and artist information appear. Delicious music is playing. I was delighted. Not only did I see my favorite paintings by Renoir, Mary Cassatt, and Winslow Homer, but I saw a lot of fantastic art that I had never seen before.

If you pause the video, it’s like having the board on your wall. Right now I’m pausing the video every 20 minutes and immersing myself in a work of art. It gives my eyes a rest from the computer screen.

The company encourages you to call if you need help getting started.

For my Sony TV, all I had to do was press the “Applications” button on my remote, then scroll to “Media Player”. There ! It played.

Can’t wait to show my favorite 11 year old all the horse paintings. To discover the art or the artists, go to and click on “Paintings”.


Sometimes a Kindle book falls into your lap. A friend just lent me “The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects”, by Emily Prokop. I loaned him “Anvil of the Heart”, a science fiction thriller by Bruce T. Holmes.

Not all Kindle books can be loaned. Of the first 24 titles in my Kindle library, only nine were eligible. The recipient has 14 days to read it.

To lend one of yours, do a Google search on your computer using the words “manage content and devices”.

Click on the first link to see a list of your books. (If you have multiple devices with a Kindle app on it, click “content” first.) On the far right, click “more actions” and search for “loan this title”. If you don’t see these words, it’s not loanable.

To receive a book someone has lent you, click the link in the email Amazon sends you and sign in to your account. Choose where to deliver it and the book will appear in your Kindle library.

If you don’t have a Fire tablet or other Amazon device, add the free Kindle app to your smartphone, Android tablet, iPad, or Chromebook. Or get the free Kindle app for Windows 10 or Kindle for Mac.


After reviewing the Obaggo plastic bag compactor, one reader wrote, “For what it’s worth, my neighborhood Walmart has a collection box right inside their doors to recycle grocery bags and other overpacks into. plastic. A lot less expensive.

I hit back, “But only 5% of plastic is actually recycled.” OK this is true but the reader is right and I am wrong about these grocery collection bins.

Unless contaminated, plastic bags are recycled. In fact, Obaggo just made a deal with the trash folks to include compacted plastic. When I get my Obaggo, I can’t wait to pack stuff like these blue and white Amazon bags. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, according to Recycle Track Systems.

Visit for discount advice. It has 100 suggestions, such as getting your own “take out” containers for leftovers in restaurants and using your own bags for fruit and veg at the supermarket.

I was excited to make my own soy milk from dried soybeans using a SoyaPower milk machine, eliminating over 50 plastic infused cartons per year. Then I calmed down.


According to, you need to be careful when selling your phone on eBay.

Some buyers take parts from a phone to resell them or use them to repair their own phones. Then they put the phone back in place and returned it to a non-functional state.

Flipsy, which offers dozens of alternative ways to sell your phone, says international buyers use this scam the most.


• Getepic lets you view children’s books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows for free. The website offers 40,000 children’s books and includes reading programs for teachers.

• offers free science fiction TV shows, such as “Battlestar Galactica”, -at -home / “The X-Files,” “Ray Bradbury Theater “and” Night gallery. ” There are also films.

• offers videos on the latest court decisions as well as original films.

• has plenty of free movies and TV shows, if you don’t mind the ads. I watch “The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”. It’s funny.


If you’re tired of paying $ 70-100 a year for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, consider paying $ 150 one-time for “Office Home & Student 2021.” It includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint. If you also need Outlook and Access, those are included in a pro version for $ 440.

INTERNUT references a new book by actor Greg Ellis, best known for “Pirates of the Caribbean” art-gallery-at-home / “Titanic” and over 100 video game voice overs. In his gripping true story he describes how, as a divorced father, he went from mansion to prison. On the site, click on “non-profit”, then scroll down to find out how to get a divorce through mediation, saving money and saving money.

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