Protect Your iPhone Before You Lend It To Someone Else – Here’s How

Apple makes it easy to limit access to a particular app when temporarily sharing an iPhone with others and may prevent certain features from being used.

There are times when lending a iPhone Seems like the right thing to do, but comes with a concern about transmitting Apple passwords, payment info, etc. to someone else. Luckily, there’s a way to protect data, connections, and even access to apps and features, which makes sharing an iPhone much safer when the need arises.

Apple has been keen to brag about its privacy and security features. But, in truth, an iPhone goes a lot further in protecting the user from tracking and being something of a walled garden. The App Store tends to be a safer place to buy apps than competing solutions from Google and Samsung. Apple even helps its users protect their information when sharing with others using a feature called Guided Access.


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Users can set the iPhone to stay in a particular app, which allows, for example, to share the phone app or the camera app and nothing else. Apple goes even further. Parts of the screen may be blocked from receiving touch inputs, preventing the borrower from using on-screen buttons to view contacts or browse photos. There are plenty of options to fine-tune how Guided Access works, and once set up Apple has made it quick and easy to use, requiring only a triple click to activate.

How to Use iPhone Guided Access

Users need to set up iPhone Guided Access before using it, and the options can be found in the Settings app, under the Accessibility tab. It must be enabled and Accessibility shortcut allows the use of a triple-tap to activate using the Side button or the Home button when using an iPhone Touch ID. If you prefer, Guided Access can also be added to Control Center, but exiting still requires a triple-click. Within these settings, there are several options, including setting a passcode, which may be different from the iPhone unlock passcode, playing a voice countdown if a limit of time is set, etc.

Once enabled in Settings, users can configure any app with options that are remembered when that app is used again with Guided Access. The first time this feature is enabled with an app, instructions guide the user to draw around any parts of the screen that should be disabled, such as the preview button in the camera app or the contacts in the phone application. Additionally, there are options to disable physical buttons, set usage time limit, and more. With a little time spent setting it up, Apple’s Guided Access makes it easy to protect privacy and security while lending a iPhone.

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