Photos processed to recover 3.5,000 loan, police target on application | Aurangabad News

Aurangabad: Aurangabad Rural Police cyber cell has filed a complaint against an app offering instant loans after some recovery agents allegedly transformed photographs of a man (26) and circulated them among his contacts in the purpose of recovering the 3,500 rupees he had borrowed.
The police complaint filed by the man, a Bidkin area resident and private employee by profession, said he received a link for an instant loan on March 17. He needed the money and took out a loan at a high interest rate of 30%.
A policeman said, “The suspects wanted him to pay the loan amount every week. But due to his deteriorating financial situation, he was unable to pay the deposit on time. Following this, the suspects, who had had access to all of the man’s contacts and other data at the time of installing the app, began messaging his acquaintances.
This was followed by the suspects who transformed the photo of the man with that of a pornographic actor and started sending these photos to his contacts, including his brother. Disturbed by the harassment, he contacted the rural cyber police station, following which an offense was recorded under the relevant sections of the Information Technology Act.
Police Superintendent Nimit Goyal has expressed concern about the growing number of cases, in which people have fallen prey to the tricks of instant loan apps, commonly known as the Chinese loan scam.
He said: “People tend to fall prey to their instant loan trap as all they have to do is download the app and share valid ID proof along with bank account details. The real catch is when people end up granting all data access permissions including contacts, photo gallery and SMS at the time of downloading the app. Suspects use this data to harass people.

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