‘Outstanding’ Juventus player hailed for immediate impact

Dejan Kulusevski has received high praise from Gabriel Agbonlahor after joining Spurs on loan from Juventus.

The winger has enjoyed much more consistent football since leaving Turin for north London in January, and his performances are a joy to watch.

You have to wonder why he couldn’t produce so much at Juve, or why he didn’t have enough opportunities to express himself, but maybe this stay will be ideal for him to come back to our club after his stay in England. is over, although it seems likely Tottenham will end up paying a pre-agreed fee.

Gabriel Agbonlahor paid close attention to his first impressions for Antonio Conte’s side.

“I watched him a bit at Juventus and thought he was a talented player,” Agbonlahor told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“What he does for Spurs is that he is suitable for the formation. A left foot, coming from the right, that’s what they crave.

“He gets involved in the game a lot more than players like Lamela and Lo Celso would.

“I thought he was exceptional against Everton and he’s been exceptional his whole time at Spurs so far.

“Spurs, as 11, are not really far off if they can work out their inconsistency. They have a good starting XI at the moment.

We always knew that Kulusevski was a special talent, although he rarely sees him show his best for our club, but if the money expected from his departure is to be used to cover the cost of signing Dusan Vlahovic, then he There may be few complaints about the transfer business from our side, and there shouldn’t be.


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