OnePlus Ace spotted on company’s website, could be a 10R “at the most”


  • The rumored OnePlus 10R might actually be called the OnePlus Ace.
  • A company executive was spotted posting over the phone on Chinese social media platform Weibo.
  • The nickname “Ace” comes from a series of Oppo smartphones of the same name.

Update: April 12, 2022 (1:41 a.m. ET): Tipster Mukul Sharma has found more evidence to suggest that the OnePlus Ace is indeed coming and will be launched in India in the future. He spotted the phone’s name on the company’s website.

OnePlus Ace, OnePlus 10R 5G and OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G are also coming to India.

Meanwhile, leaker Yogesh Brar says the OnePlus Ace will be a bit different from the OnePlus 10R. The phones will allegedly have the same cameras, screen and SoC. However, the Ace will make some design changes. Brar calls it a “maxed out” version of the 10R.

Yes but not by a margin, cameras, display, SoC are all the same

Original article: April 11, 2022 (2:29 a.m. ET): It looks like the OnePlus brand identity is about to get further diluted with its next phone. We’ve known it for a while as the OnePlus 10R, thanks to leaked specs and renders. However, new information suggests that OnePlus may be borrowing the name of the phone from its Oppo parent ship.

Weibo Digital Chat Station tipster recently shared the specs of a phone named “OnePlus Ace”. It is apparently supposed to receive the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chip, 150W charging and a 50MP Sony IMX766 camera sensor. All of these specs have been attributed to the so-called OnePlus 10R in recent leaks.

OnePlus Ace DCSWeibo

Digital chat station/Weibo

The ‘Ace’ moniker was also revealed by OnePlus executive Liu Fengshuo, who was spotted using the phone to post on Weibo. He has since deleted that post, but you can see an auto-translated screenshot below.

Post OnePlus Ace Weibo


Weibo/Liu Fengshuo

The Oppo connection

For those who may not be familiar with the new brand borrowed from OnePlus, the name “Ace” was used by Oppo for two of its smartphones in 2019 and 2020. The first was the Oppo Reno Ace with a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and the second was the Ace 2 sporting the Snapdragon 865. After those two devices, Oppo didn’t release an Ace series phone in 2021, possibly because it lent the brand name to OnePlus. It’s also entirely possible that OnePlus will only use the new series name in China. We won’t know until the company makes things official.

That said, the name of the next OnePlus phone isn’t the only thing the company could lend to one of its stablemates. The device itself is an identical copy of the Realme GT Neo 3, both in terms of design and hardware specs. Real pictures of the phone also have leakfurther confirming the previously revealed information.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus phones have shared specs with other devices in the BBK stable. However, the OnePlus Ace (or OnePlus 10R) is perhaps the first device that is so obviously unoriginal. At this point, the company might as well call it “Oppo Ace 3” or “Realme GT Neo 3 OnePlus Edition.”

Meanwhile, Oppo appears to be gearing up to launch the OnePlus 10 that we never got. It’s called the Oppo Reno 8 and is said to pack the specs that a vanilla OnePlus 10 series device should/could have had. Go figure.

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