Nokia lends its name to a new line of smart home lighting products

Nokia is a household name when it comes to mobile phones thanks to the brand’s dominance before the smartphone boom. Today Nokia no longer makes phones, although you will still see their names on the shelves since they licensed their brand to HMD Global, a Finnish smartphone maker. Smartphones are not, however, the only “smart” product on which Nokia is ready to slam its name. Meet Nokia Smart Lighting, a suite of smart home lighting and electrical control products.

The new Nokia-branded smart lighting products are designed by Smartlabs, an IoT smart lighting company, as announced in a press release the other day.

Nokia Smart Lighting products promise ease of installation to use. A bridge, dial, paddle switch, four-button keypad and smart plug are all part of the new Nokia Smart Lighting product platform. You can wire any existing bulbs you want, and it also works with any fixture or wiring setup. You don’t need to keep these products connected over Wi-Fi; your system stays active and responsive via a dual-mesh network that combines radio frequency and powerline networking. You can control the system by touch, voice assistant (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) or mobile app (iOS and Android).

The Nokia Smart Lighting system is designed to enhance your existing lighting while keeping costs as low as possible, which means that if you expect fancy things like colored lights, you might be better served by other brands. . If you don’t want to replace lights but still want more control over your home, this could be the option for you.

Pre-orders for the Nokia Smart Lighting line are now open, with costs starting at $ 39.99 for the bridge and going all the way up to $ 59.99 for the keyboard. Delivery of the products is expected to begin at the end of September.

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