NFL could provide $150m, Pegulas at least $200m to build Buffalo Bills stadium | Local News

Most public funding is expected to come from the state and the rest from the county, which will own the stadium and act as landlord, reflecting the arrangement in place for half a century.

The Pegulas and the NFL, through the G-4 program, are expected to bear the rest of the costs.

The NFL’s G-4 program, in place since 2011, and its predecessor, the G-3, which was created in 1999, are named after the sections where they appear in the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players’ Association, last ratified in 2020.

Hochul basically confirmed that negotiations are on track and she has nothing to announce — yet.

“It’s become pretty much a standard part of the funding structure of every stadium deal,” Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II, a member and former chairman of the league’s stadium committee, told The News. .

The details of the G-4 program are complicated and each agreement is unique, project-based.

• The Pegulas can request a loan of up to $200 million from the league to help cover construction costs.

• The first $150 million of the NFL loan is being repaid over 25 years through the visiting team’s share of the Bills’ ticket revenue, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed in an exchange emails with The News. This represents approximately 33% of door-to-door ticket sales.

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