New SMS scam starts with an innocent question

Yesterday something very strange happened to me. I received an unusual text. A text that seemed as if someone had sent me a text that was intended for someone else. Here are the screenshots of the texts.

After telling the story on the air, we got this message on Facebook.

Mornin Q Crew, I don’t have an answer to the question but thought I would let Leslie (and my husband) know that this post about a random guy is probably a scam. I have had it twice. Is that the picture of the woman you have too?

The message had this screenshot attached.

Obviously, this is a total cat fishing scam.

The scammer is hoping that someone on the other end of the text, a man it seems, will respond and continue the conversation. They think the photo of the cute young blond will close the deal for a fruitful conversation. It is so obvious.

Signs that you are sinned

  1. You searched the internet for their name but they don’t seem to exist. Or they do, but the photos don’t match their dating profile photos.
  2. They ask for money at the start of your relationship. They might say it’s to come visit you.
  3. They tell you they love you, but you’ve only been talking for a few days or weeks.
  4. They avoid face-to-face contact, whether it’s meetings or video chats.
  5. They are just a little too perfect.
  6. Their stories sometimes conflict with each other or don’t quite add up.


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