Mom stole her daughter’s identity

Laura OglesbyMissouri woman, 48, now at risk of jail after admitting to stealing daughter Lauren Hayes Identity for securing student loans, enrolling in college – and dating young people.

Stole the girl’s identity for two years

The mother pretended to be her daughter for over two years, which turned out to be a widespread scam. She managed to deceive both the federal government and the residents of the small town of Mountain View in the United States, which was reported by the New York Post.

In 2016 Laura Oglesby applied for a Social Security card on behalf of her daughter, which she quickly received in the mail.

Mom made boyfriends

Photo: Mountain View Police Department

At the time, the fraudster was 43 years old, but when she managed to extract her daughter’s identity, she claimed her name was Lauren Hayes and that she was only 22 years old.

Then the mother began to seduce young men who had no idea that she was almost two decades older than her.

“Everyone believed in it,” says his boss. “She even had friends who thought she was that age: 22.” Jimmy perkins To the Mountain View Police Department for The New York Times.

Performed as the girl on Snapchat

The 48-year-old had a Snapchat account where she pretended to be the girl and used multiple filters on her face to look young.

“I totally adopted a younger lifestyle: clothes, makeup, personality. I totally assumed you would be a younger man in your early twenties, ”the interviewer says, Stetson Schwen According to the New York Post.

He went to college and got a student loan

During this time, the mother was also able to apply for a driver’s license on behalf of her daughter and enroll in Southwest Baptist University.

After applying for financial aid, I also got a student loan of USD 9,400, or around SEK 85,000, and was able to get further financial aid of over SEK 70,000.

Found 2 years later

Photo: Mountain View Police Department

After more than two years, she was accepted.

It was in August 2018 when authorities in Arkansas contacted Mountain View Police who suspected the mother of committing financial fraud using her daughter’s name.

At first he denied Laura Oglesby about the crime, but then confessed to defrauding.

Compensation must be paid to the girl

Now the mother faces five years behind bars without parole after pleading guilty to a case of intentionally providing false information.

She also has to pay $ 17,521, or roughly $ 158,528, to her daughter, Lauren Hayes and Southwest Baptist University.

The daughter has yet to speak about the mother scam, according to New York Post.

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