MELD launches the first noncustodial and decentralized lending and borrowing protocol based on the Cardano Smart-Contract blockchain

$45M Raised Through World’s First ISPO and Private Token Sale

SINGAPORE – February 3, 2022 – (

MELD is an innovative new startup launched today with a mission to level the playing field between the financial “haves” and the “have nots”. Created to serve the more than 2 billion members of the world’s population who are underbanked or without any banking capacity, MELD provides a range of financial tools and solutions built around mining cryptocurrency assets like collateral for fiat or crypto loans.

MELD is unique in terms of token launches as it already boasts nearly 40,000 token holders. MELD was the first company to successfully complete an ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offer), which attracted US$1 billion worth of crypto (in ADA tokens) in less than 3 months and helped the company raise $10 million US dollars for its own funding ($45 million in total raised to date via an additional private token sale).

Specifically, MELD represents the first decentralized protocol that integrates fiat lending capabilities into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. MELD enables low-friction transactions between crypto and fiat positions, while retaining control of digital assets owned by a customer. The MELD token can be staked on MELDapp to provide assurance for the MELD protocol. By doing so, MELD bettors will earn an APY through protocol fees and liquidity reward programs (up to 15% currently). The MELD protocol was created to link the on-chain (crypto) and off-chain (fiat) worlds, as well as to unite the many Blockchains and DeFi protocols.

MELD was designed as a world-class DeFi protocol, powered by the Cardano blockchain and smart contracts to ensure full transparency and fairness for all parties (including token minting and distribution). The MELD token is used for protocol governance, and users can stake it to earn yield. MELD capitalizes on Cardano’s transaction efficiencies compared to legacy blockchains, dramatically reducing fees by over 99% compared to ETH-based solutions.

The service is expected to gain popularity rapidly in the EU and in countries such as El Salvador and Nigeria, where cryptocurrency is already fiat currency or widely used. MELD tokens will be available for purchase from major crypto exchanges such as Bitrue and FMFW starting today, February 3, 2022.

MELD will provide unique and innovative new financial services never before offered by traditional banks, including not only standard cryptocurrency-backed loans, but also the company’s unique Genius Loans™. With a Genius Loan, the customer collateralizes their cryptocurrency and takes out a loan with a slightly higher interest rate. The client is only required to repay the interest on the loan, while the return generated from the crypto collateral repays the principal.

MELD also offers a Crypto Secured Line of Credit (CBCL), which provides a valuable and flexible tool for managing fiat cash needs while only being exposed to interest on the amount of fiat currency used. The CBCL works in conjunction with the MELD debit card where users can spend with their MELD card both at the point of sale and online. The CBCL works like a fiat loan, where the cryptocurrency is collateralized in a smart contract and 50% of the value of the collateral can be used as a line of credit. Margin calls and liquidation events work the same way in the line of credit product as in the MELD loan.

Users interact with MELDapp via iOS™, Android or in the browser to easily access their digital assets to lend, borrow and manage the services offered by MELD. Security is significantly improved over competing wallets as customers retain keys to their assets at all times.

Finally, MELD also enables so-called “MELDed assets”, where anyone can import tokens from other blockchains such as BTC, ETH, and BNB directly into the smart contract-enabled blockchain. Third-generation Cardano. This not only increases the liquidity of the crypto, but also allows people to stay in the crypto of their choice for a long time instead of forcing them to use only Cardano’s ADA tokens. MELD also benefits from the superior performance and user transparency of Cardano.

“We are excited to provide billions of people with a new way to access powerful financial instruments, products and services – only better and more innovative thanks to the power of the MELD protocol,” said Ken Olling, CEO of MELD. “Offering a way to stake cryptocurrency as collateral against a fiat loan is powerful for many reasons – not the least of which is to protect highly volatile cryptocurrencies from being forced-sold during a dip. We are very excited to provide unique financial products and services to our customers in the coming months as MELD tokens are widely shared across different exchanges.

About MELD:

MELD (Singapore) focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi), with the long-term goal of enabling over 2 billion people – who are underbanked or have no access to banking services – to access tools and solutions built around mining cryptocurrency assets. Services offered by MELD include creating cryptocurrency-backed loans, obtaining fiat loan interest return to borrowers, and participating in reward incentive programs. MELD allows instant lending against cryptocurrency holdings at a competitive APR, or to receive a line of credit and only pay interest on what you use. A world-class DeFi protocol using the Cardano platform, MELD uses smart contracts to ensure complete transparency and fairness for all parties, including both minting and token distribution. The company has currently raised $10 million via an ISPO in Q4 2021 and an additional $35 million via a private token sale. For details, visit

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MELD launches the first noncustodial and decentralized lending and borrowing protocol based on the Cardano Smart-Contract blockchain

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