Matrixport unleashes the power of cost averaging with new ‘Auto-Invest’ application tool


Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platform, announced the introduction of “Auto-Invest,” an investment tool that allows users to use a strategy of Average dollar cost (DCA) to accumulate Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) at predetermined intervals with just a few clicks on Matrixport’s secure app platform.

With the innate volatilities of an emerging asset class, crypto-investing can be a daunting business to undertake, especially for crypto-curious newbies. For this growing segment of investors, Matrixport’s “Auto-Invest” feature serves to minimize the impact of volatility on the growth of its crypto holdings by spreading transactions at fixed intervals over a period of time.

Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales and Business Development, Matrixport said, “Bitcoin is a resilient and promising asset class, but with innate volatility. For many crypto traders and hodlers, it is always difficult to time the market and buy at the bottom of the wave. Matrixport’s ‘Auto-Invest’ enables users to adopt a proven DCA investment strategy to build their crypto portfolio in the easiest way possible. DCA is a strategy that investment legend Warren Buffett has long advocated. The rollout of “Auto-Invest” reflects our relentless commitment to making crypto easy and accessible to everyone, especially users who are just starting their crypto journey. “

“Auto-Invest” is available on Matrixport’s secure application platform at no service charge. The trading frequency varies every hour, day, week or month, for BTC or ETH and users have the flexibility to make changes at any time. Investors are free to set purchase limits or decide the maximum limit price for accumulating crypto, with no requirement to block funds. Once the simple setup is completed, the trading process is fully automated and users can unleash the full potential of the DCA strategy to reap long term returns.

As an example, a DCA strategy activated by “Auto-Invest” would have generated returns of 30% based on a weekly accumulation of $ 50 BTC over 24 weeks from March 22 to August 30, 2021. This compares to at an 8% return for the same US investment. $ 1,200 if BTC was traded on March 22, 2021. During this 24 week period, the price of BTC was between $ 60,204 (April 5, 2021) and $ 35,862 (May 31, 202), and a DCA strategy fueled by ‘Auto-Invest’ was able to accumulate BTC at lower prices during this period, for a higher return.

Matrixport continues to empower investors at all experience levels with innovative crypto investments and products. Professional tools such as “Auto-Invest” are the stepping stones to create a more secure gateway for crypto-curious to start their investment journey.

About Matrixport
Matrixport is one of Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms. With $ 10 billion in assets under management and custody, it provides one-stop crypto financial services with over $ 5 billion in average monthly transaction volumes. The offerings include Cactus Custody, spot OTC, fixed income, structured products, loans as well as asset management.
Based in Singapore, Matrixport’s mission is to make crypto easy for everyone and its motto is “Get More From Your Crypto”. The company is licensed in Hong Kong and Switzerland with more than 230 employees serving institutions and retail clients across Asia and Europe. For more information visit


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