Jio ‘Emergency Data Loan’ allows users to borrow up to 5 GB of data; Check plan details

New Delhi: The Emergency Data Loan feature provides the flexibility of “Top Up Now and Pay Later” functionality to Jio users who are out of their daily high speed data quota and cannot top up immediately.

By virtue of this, Jio will allow its prepaid users to borrow up to 5 emergency data loan packs of 1GB each (value of Rs11 / pack).

Jio has been at the forefront of product innovation to deliver a redesigned customer experience. It recently expanded its network to almost double its capacity and data speed.

Jio users have already started to benefit from better network connectivity and higher speeds. Many users can consume their daily data quota much faster and find themselves without high-speed data for the rest of the day.

Jio understands that not all users are able to instantly purchase a Data Top-Up for various reasons.

Jio’s Emergency Data Lending Service will provide a simple yet powerful solution for these users, ensuring the continuity of a seamless high-speed data experience.

Steps to take advantage of this facility:

1. Open the MyJio application and go to the “menu” at the top left of the page

2. Select “Emergency Data Loan” under Mobile Services

3. Click “Proceed” on the Emergency Data Loan banner

4. Select the option “Obtain emergency data”

5. Click “Activate Now” to get the emergency loan benefit

6. The emergency data loan service is activated.


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