Gwynedd Libraries Introduce Changes to Make Book Borrowing Process Easier

New library app called ‘Pori’ allows people to search the catalog, order and renew books

Submitted by Gwynedd Council

The Gwynedd Council Library Service recently introduced three developments which were designed to make life easier and remove any barriers people may encounter in using the library and borrowing books.

There may be obstacles in getting to the library, users may have forgotten to bring back books, or other time constraints may make the visit difficult.

Welsh Libraries have created a new library app called ‘Pori’ which allows users to search the catalog, order and renew their books.

This smart app also allows anyone to scan a book’s ISBN barcode to see if it’s available for loan at their local library. It also contains your library card barcode, so if you forgot your library card (or lost it) you can borrow books through your phone app or use it at one of the kiosks online. self-service library at Gwynedd. You can download the free “Pori” app and start using it immediately.

In addition, Gwynedd Council has decided to remove the late return fee for books to county libraries. All historic fines will be written off with a clean slate for everyone from December 8. This means that users who borrow books on or after December 8 will have 12 weeks from the return date to return their books to the library, before being responsible for the cost of renewing those books. So don’t forget to renew your books, but if you forgot and returned books late, there will be no fines or fees.

If for some reason you cannot visit the library, Library Services can transport the books to your home free of charge upon request. Contact them in line or by email or phone and they will make sure the books are delivered to your doorstep. Hundreds of library users have already taken advantage of this convenient on-demand service.

Councilor Gareth Thomas, a member of the Gwynedd Council Cabinet responsible for libraries, said:

“Gwynedd Libraries are a valuable and free resource that can enrich people’s lives by providing access to a wide range of reading resources.

“But we realize that many people find it difficult to visit their local library, whether for reasons of travel, time and work, family responsibilities or illness.

“By listening to and responding to the needs of users, I am delighted that these recent developments mean that all possible barriers to accessing such a valuable resource as a library are removed as much as possible.”

In addition to the great resources available at libraries, there is free in-home access to e-books, e-magazines, and online newspapers. To access these resources, to rejoin the library.

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