G&F Financial Group will offer its members effortless lending and account opening experiences, powered by joint digital origination solution Doxim and Mobetize

By partnering with Doxim and Mobetize, we are now able to deliver a quick and effortless onboarding experience for Retail Members, Online Loans and Commercial Members – Nelson Sandhu, Director of Experience and innovation at G&F.

G&F Financial Group*, Doxim and Mobetize today announced that BC-based credit union G&F Financial Group has selected the joint Doxim and Mobetize Digital Origination solution as the all-in-one platform for creating digital accounts and loans.

G&F has recognized the need for a seamless multi-channel member experience that G&F members expect from their financial institution. G&F executives began a comprehensive process of reviewing and selecting a modern account creation and lending solution that would support all products and services (including registered products) across all channels, enable members to start the application process in one channel and complete it through another, and would reduce the manual effort involved in generating, indexing and storing all documentation related to the member’s chosen financial services products.

The joint Doxim and Mobetize solution addressed these needs with an account creation and business lending platform solution that encompassed all aspects of KYC/AML compliance, business logic for registered on-demand products and unregistered, and all types of loan products, from application, document generation and electronic signature, through adjudication and automated funding and disbursements.

The solution allows credit union members and staff to open less complex deposit products and loans in less than 5 minutes and create more complex credit applications, such as mortgages and commercial products, by 10 minutes or less with little or no manual effort. It also includes a comprehensive product recommendation engine to maximize product to member ratios.

The solution includes modern risk mitigation and identity verification tools, including facial and social biometrics and device verification provided by Mobetize. It seamlessly integrates with the broader Doxim customer engagement platform and core banking system used by G&F.

“G&F has been a long-time customer of Doxim, and we welcome the opportunity to help their team transform their origination processes at every level,” said Mike Rogalski, CEO of Doxim. “Our origination solution includes a robust API that will seamlessly integrate with their back office, making lending efficient and much less error-prone. And of course, our Digital Origination solution is fully integrated with other Doxim solutions that they use, like Doxim ECM, so the G&F team will be able to use the data shared between these apps to create new engaging experiences for members.

“By partnering with Doxim and Mobetize, we are now able to deliver a quick and effortless onboarding experience for Retail Members, Online Loans and Commercial Members,” said Nelson Sandhu, Chief Experience Officer and innovation at G&F. “We were attracted to this innovative solution because it offered our members the convenience of self-service while maintaining our member-centric focus and personal touch throughout. If members need help or information during creation, our staff can immediately step in to offer support, without having to restart the application process or re-enter information. It’s a fantastic advantage.

“Mobetize, Doxim and G&F are deeply invested in the success of the credit union system.” said Ajay Hans, CEO and Director of Mobetize. “Together, our organizations improve the financial well-being of members by providing the tools credit unions need, so they can provide better services to members and communities. We are delighted that G&F has chosen to partner with us to further drive innovation and growth, and we encourage other like-minded credit unions to join us as well.

About Doxim

Doxim is the leader in customer communications and engagement management technologies serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document and payment solutions that transform experiences to enhance engagement throughout the lifecycle. The Doxim platform helps customers communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and increase loyalty and wallet share through personalized communications and easy checkout processes. use. The platform addresses key challenges of digitization, operational efficiency and customer experience through our suite of ready-to-use integrated SaaS software and technology solutions.

Learn more at http://www.doxim.com

About G&F Financial Group

With over 61,000 members, 26 locations and $5 billion in assets under management, G&F Financial Group is proud to offer a full range of retail and business banking, investment and insurance solutions to its members. credit unions. Passionate about educating and empowering others to achieve their financial goals, they are focused on providing advice tailored to each member and supporting members and investing in local communities for 80 years.

About Mobetize

Mobetize is on a mission to help transform credit unions into a banking marketplace super app. Mobetize solutions fuel credit union innovation and growth by expanding their digital channel offerings with personalized retail and commerce products and experiences that members expect. The exclusive Banking Marketplace solution simplifies member onboarding, compliance, product fulfillment, basic banking integration, contract management and account funding. All of this is essential for credit unions to collect and analyze data, grow their membership, and increase their product-to-member ratios.

*G&F Financial Group is an operating trade name of Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union.

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