Fort Hall man convicted of murder of 23-year-old man

POCATELLO, Idaho (KLIX) – A 27-year-old Fort Hall man will spend just over 27 years in federal prison for stabbing and throwing the body of another young man on an Idaho tribal reservation in 2018. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Idaho has announced that Justin Beasley has been sentenced to just over 27 years in prison for second degree murder for the death of 23-year-old Austin Pevo. A jury trial convicted Beasley earlier in August. Acting US Prosecutor Gonzalez said in a prepared statement: “Prosecuting violent crimes in the Indian country is a priority for my office, and I hope this sentence will bring some closure and justice to the victim’s family.”

Pevo had been deposited in a residence in the Fort Hall reserve in early February 2018 to carry out logging work. Beasley was also there among others. The two got into an argument and Beasley stabbed Pevo twice in the chest. Pevo’s body was then taken to a remote area in the Arbon Valley of the reserve and dumped. The family reported Pevo missing, but tribal authorities could not find any evidence of his fate.

Finally, in August 2019, a witness to the murder informed the police of what had happened in Pevo and a search warrant was executed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the residence where he had died. The witness also told authorities about the three men, including Beasley, who had taken Pevo’s body to the remote area. One of the men involved admitted to helping and showing investigators where Pevo’s body had been dumped. Investigators found Pevo’s remains, clothing and personal items.

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