For the first time, all ERC20 tokens can be loaned and borrowed with the upcoming version 2 of UniLend – Bitcoin News press release

PRESS RELEASE. UniLend Finance has published its Protocol Update Blog featuring UniLend v2. The Binance Innovation Zone project earlier this year activated the lending for each token as well as the flash lending.

The team has published a first blog explaining various innovative features of its next release, which will allow UniLend to manage loans and borrowings of more than 9,000 assets. The protocol was put online with the unauthorized list of any token in August. As a result, it already has over 25 live cryptocurrencies for unsecured lending and borrowing through Flash Loans.

This major protocol update will allow UniLend to exploit the untapped market cap of $ 1 trillion + crypto without significant competition. First, let’s take a look at the main features of UniLend V2:

  • Dual asset pools – UniLend v2 introduces dual asset pools similar to the UniSwap liquidity model. Dual asset pools prevent the tokens of a specific pool from being immune to price fluctuations and the liquidity of assets in other pools.
  • Non-fungible tokenization – Tokenization of lending / borrowing positions in debt NFT allows users to trade their lending / borrowing positions in open markets.
  • Chain price feed – The protocol built a proof mechanism to retrieve the price flow from the on-chain market data to determine the position of the assets.
  • Gas optimization – According to the CTO and the founder Suryansh Kumar, the protocol adopted high gas optimization approaches that make the core functionality of UniLend Finance financially viable.
  • Security – UniLend version v1, Lending & Flash Loans is audited by leading smart contract auditor Certik.

UniLend Finance V2 is sought after as the most decentralized money market protocol by the community. UniLend V1 is already live on three leading blockchains Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and anticipates V2 will also be live on each of them.

Chandresh Aharwar, CEO and co-founder of UniLend, tweeted:

It should be noted that Chandresh headed Marketing and Strategy at Matic (now Polygon) before co-founding UniLend. When he introduces UniLend Last year globally, the total value of assets stranded in DeFi was only around $ 15 billion, which has now grown more than 6 times to reach $ 90 billion +. And the market in which UniLend operates is over $ 500 billion, up from $ 16.7 billion last year.

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