Everything Star Wars Eclipse Should Borrow From The High Republic Comics

Star Wars Eclipse is the franchise’s first High Republic-era game, and it should borrow themes and villains from the comics for familiar fans. Announced at the Game Awards 2021, Star Wars Eclipse is developed by Quantic Dream, the controversial studio behind Heavy rain and Detroit: become human. While the reveal trailer is purely cinematic, Star wars fans with prior knowledge of the Haute République can already get a feel for what to expect.

The story of the High Republic is mostly told through comics and novels, but Disney has announced an upcoming TV show, titled Star Wars: The Acolyte, which is also under development. This new era in the Star wars the timeline takes place about 200 years before The phantom menace, following the Jedi Order at the height of its power during a major expansion for the Republic. As the Republic explores the far reaches of the Outer Rim and uncovers new hyperspace routes, a criminal organization known as Nihil begins to interfere, seeing the Republic’s progress as a threat to their freedom and the galaxy as a whole. .


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With a number of books and comics set in the world of the High Republic, Quantic Dream and David Cage have Star wars lots of content to draw inspiration from. Sure, Star wars fans don’t want a game that just tells a story they’ve already read. That said, the connection Star wars Eclipse to the rhythms of the general history of the Haute République seems practically to be a requirement.

Star Wars Eclipse Should Borrow From High Republic Comics

Star Wars Eclipse High Republic Yoda Backstory Grandmaster Dooku Apprentice

So far, Haute République comics have four major story arcs. The first two focus on the Drengir, a strange and sensitive plant species of the wilderness, a mapped but largely unexplored region beyond the outer rim. The Drengir have a collective conscience and are able to corrupt the minds of other sentient creatures, including the Jedi, spreading throughout the galaxy for food.

The last two arcs, which should end in February 2022, return to the history of Nihil. Specifically, these sets of questions focus on the Star wars The Jedi Order’s hunt for the High Republic of Lourna Dee, a Twi’lek leader among the Nihil, whom the Jedi mistakenly believe is in charge of the entire pirate gang. All four story arcs follow the same set of characters, including the Jedi trio of Avar Kriss, Sskeer, and Keeve Trennis.

Aside from the obvious crossovers with the comics, like cameos from already established characters and Jedi Masters, Star Wars Eclipse has a lot he could borrow from what fans already know from the High Republic era. Since expansion is such a big topic in the High Republic, and there are a number of unknown areas and aliens outside of Star Wars’ canonical species like Duros and Neimoidians shown in the cinematic trailer, it’s highly likely that Wild Space or the Unknown Regions (which are similar to Wild Space but remain unmapped and rather unexplored) will play a significant role in Star Wars Eclipse. While that’s probably not the focus of the game as it’s covered extensively in the comics and novels, another threat from the Drengir would be a fitting inclusion in Star Wars Eclipse, even if it is only a brief appearance or mention.

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Even without Drengir, there’s a good chance the unknown aliens drumming in the caravan are a threat, and given that they’re nothing. Star wars fans have never seen before, an origin story related to Wild Space or the Unknown Regions would make a lot of sense. This could easily relate to the Republic’s expansion into the Outer Rim or even Nihil’s travels and experimentation with hyperspace routes. The threat would be even more exacerbated if this news Star Wars Eclipse introduced a dark side faction that these new aliens were a part of, which started to seem like a very real possibility.

Yoda and Nihil should be players in Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse Art

The cinematic trailer also shows a brief glimpse of Yoda, who has been mentioned in the High Republic novels and comics but was not featured as the main character. While all of this is only a theory at the moment, Yoda’s appearance in the trailer could hint at a shift in power in the Jedi Order. In the comics, Jedi Marshal Avar Kriss has essentially been the leader of the Jedi, and maybe in a future comic or even the timeline of the Star Wars Eclipse game itself, something happens to Kriss, leading Yoda to claim the leadership role that fans see him in at that time. The phantom menace rolled.

Star Wars Eclipse should obviously borrow the Nihil menace from comics and books as well. Even though the new aliens seem to be the biggest antagonists of Star Wars Eclipse, at least with the information currently available to fans, the Nihils have made an appearance in almost every High Republic media so far. It seems impossible for Star Wars Eclipse to be a game set in the days of the High Republic without any mention of the Nihil, especially the major players that fans already know like Lourna Dee or Marchion Ro, the real leader of the criminal organization.

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However, even with all of these theories, it’s possible that fans have no idea what to expect from the High Republic by the time Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse The release will officially hit shelves and online stores in three to four years. Lucasfilm has previously stated that the High Republic will unfold in three different phases called Light of the Jedi, Quest of the Jedi, and Trials of the Jedi. The first phase is expected to end soon in 2022, and given Star Wars Eclipse is still in the early stages of development, everything fans know about the High Republic may be completely different when the game launches.

With the development time of video games, Star Wars Eclipse might not happen until the High Republic is in its third phase, Trials of the Jedi. If so, that would explain what appears to be an imminent threat from the dark side of the alien species in the trailer. At this point, the Drengir and the Nihil might just be a distant memory as the Jedi Order finds itself in conflict with an even greater antagonist.

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