DigiFraud Insiders Summit LIVE: “A conference designed to fight copyright infringement and fraud”

By now, we all know how easily pieces of content can be discovered on social media platforms or other digital platforms like chat apps. And that’s only one side of the coin. Not to mention the endless number of credit card or debit card scam calls we receive from time to time and even those bogus emails, which usually claim that we have won the lottery or that we have an instant loan that we waits. And all it takes is a click and our card details to take advantage of these unique opportunities. However, these are not the only types of digital fraud that currently exist. With the evolution of the digital industry, fraud has also evolved and there is more to it than that. In fact, the fraud detection and prevention (FDP) market was estimated at $19.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to top $63 billion by 2023, according to market research firm Statista. , latest discovery. Other results show that in FY21, a total of over 16,000 copyrights were registered in India.

In October 2018, approximately 23% of Internet users had been victims of online identity theft. These criminal activities take the form of credit card fraud, tax issues or bank fraud, among others. While wire transfers still represent the highest value of fraud losses, technology frauds such as cardless credit card (CNP) fraud are increasingly common. Ad fraud is yet another type. In 2020, ad fraud inflicted economic losses worth $35 billion globally.

And that’s just the beginning. Over the past few years, fraud has also evolved – from identity theft to reimbursement to privacy, intellectual property theft in addition to reimbursement fraud, among others. Needless to say the list is long. At this year’s DigiFraud Insiders Summit, we try to navigate the world of fraud and copyright infringement.

The one-day summit will see names including Gulshan Rai, former National Cyber ​​Coordinator, GoI, and Senior Advisor, Dua Consulting and Dua Associates, Anil Lale, General Counsel, Viacom18, Ramachandra Kulkarni, Managing Director, Technology Risk, Goldman Sachs, Harish Goel, Director of IT Security and Compliance, Publicis Groupe, Ashish Pandey, Head of Digital and Technology Indian Subcontinent, CIO, CDTO, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Omkar Shirhatti, Co-Founder and CEO, Karza Technologies , among others.

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