Dennis Rodman once borrowed money from his 13-year-old friend’s father for a $15,000 car

Dennis Rodman would forge such a strong friendship with Byrne Rich that Rich’s father would lend him money for a car in 1986

Denis Rodman did not come from a wealthy background at all. His single mother, Shirley, had to work a multitude of jobs to support herself, Dennis, and Dennis’ two older sisters. By the time the eventual NBA star turned 18, she would kick him out of the house, changing the locks on all the doors.

Rodman should look for odd jobs himself, trying to earn a living. He would eventually begin playing for Southeastern Oklahoma State from 1983 to 1986 before being drafted into the NBA. During that summer, he met Byrne Rich while playing basketball at a rec center.

Byrne was 13 and Rodman was 22. The two hit it off immediately as they helped each other through each other’s issues, which we’ll talk about later.

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Dennis Rodman had to borrow money from James Rich to pay for his very first car

Dennis Rodman had become so closely tied to the Rich family that they treated him as if he were their own son. They showed him the same love and affection they showed Byrne and blasted him the same way they would their biological son in the event of an accident.

He would eventually start living regularly on their 600-acre farm, as they provided him with quality housing. They would become so close that when Rodman entered the 1986 NBA Draft, Byrne’s father gave him the ultimate gift.

Dennis had never had a car before and his first car was a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. He bought it in April 1986 and when it came time to pay it off, the Dallas native actually borrowed money from James Rich. The car today is worth around $15,000.

Why was Dennis Rodman welcomed into the Rich family with open arms?

4 months before Dennis Rodman and Byrne Rich crossed paths, the latter had accidentally, but fatally, shot his best friend, Brad Robinson, in the stomach during a hunting trip. This led Byrne to slip into a severe depression where he couldn’t even sleep on his own and had to be with his parents every night.

Dennis, at the same time, felt incredibly homesick for being away from his sisters in Dallas. When they crossed paths, the two helped each other heal their emotional wounds. Byrne’s mother claimed the first time he slept away from them was when Rodman came over and slept on the floor.

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