Create a smarter way to trade crypto with Matrixport

As blockchain and its related digital assets are increasingly adopted around the world, new methods of sourcing liquidity, capturing yield, and better managing crypto assets are needed. Matrixport has positioned itself in the crypto space as a platform that helps meet this newly created demand. As a digital asset financial platform, it offers crypto investment deals to its users.

matrix port seeks to empower all of its users, from new users to professional traders. The platform offers Cactus Custody, spot OTC, fixed income products, asset management, loans and structured products.

What is Matrixport?

Matrixport is one of the fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms. The company is headquartered in Singapore and also holds licenses in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Matrixport aims to operate as a one-stop crypto financial services platform with the motto “get more from your crypto”. It offers easy-to-use crypto investment products that appeal to traders and investors of all risk appetites. Matrixport offers institutional-grade trading, lending, asset management and custody solutions.

The platform has grown exponentially through its innovative product offerings and technological capabilities, including the world’s first dual-currency product.

BBM and SAM offers

The Matrixport platform recently announced the launch of its flagship Buy Below Market (BBM) and Sell-Above Market (SAM) offerings. With the help of BBM and SAM, users can buy or sell Bitcoin at a discount or premium over a range of time frames. Matrixport will automatically optimize rates with its system.

BBM and SAM solve the innate fluctuations in the opportunity cost of the BTC price, which is common in crypto. With these offerings, Matrixport would allow users to enter a BTC position or liquidate at a higher than market price. BBM and SAM make crypto trading easier for everyone by taking the stress out of market timing.

Users can choose from a range of discounted target buy prices with BBM by voicing their views on BTC. The lower the selected purchase price and the longer the duration, the higher the discount rate.

With SAM, users can sell their BTC at a higher premium than the current market price, the higher the selected sell price and the longer the duration, the higher the premium rate.

Main characteristics

Some of the main features of Matrixport are:

  • Flexible staking: Users can select high-quality staking products on Defi and decentralized protocols. Allow users to allocate staking assets while considering liquidity and returns.
  • Trading: Matrixport enhances smart trading features with automated grid trading service, Buy-Below-Market/Sell-Above-Market and Auto-Invest which helps users to multiply their returns and hedge their downside risk. Traders can also spot trade without commission fees, and long-term investors can accumulate and hold crypto without worrying about market momentum or volatility.
  • Earn: With the fixed income option, users can deposit and earn stable returns of up to 30%. The Smart DeFi pool allows withdrawals and hourly compound interest. Curve and Compound Stable Income Products allow traders to earn returns directly.
  • Investment: The dual-currency product on Matrixport has a principal-protected, short-term investment product with a floating return. The Smart Trend option curates high-quality DeFi projects and option portfolios that help earn base yield in addition to attractive benefits. SharkFin is another feature that guarantees returns with a defined return profile through structured wealth management products in the form of knockout options.
  • Lending: With secured loans and zero interest loans, Matrixport offers users the ability to take out a loan instantly with their crypto or borrow at low or no interest, maximizing market opportunities.
  • Purchase: Matrixport supports wire transfers via USD bank account to deposit USDC. Crypto can also be purchased by credit card.

MA agriculture and flexible staking

Matrixport has launched an AMM farming feature that provides easy and secure access to quality DeFi liquidity pools for crypto investors looking for ways to generate returns. Automated Market Maker or AMM farming allows anyone to become a market maker on a decentralized exchange. Users can earn fees by simultaneously depositing two assets represented in the liquidity pool.

With the flexible crypto staking products on Matrixport, users can seamlessly access a safe source of passive income. It allows users to continuously accumulate crypto assets and deposit or withdraw assets at any time with no minimum threshold, no gas, and no waiting times. Staking yields are dynamically adjusted proportionally and optimized through a usage-based algorithm.


Matrixport offers 24/7 customer support in addition to its comprehensive product offerings. Last year, the number of investors on the Matrixport app increased by 427%, year over year. A strong indication of the strong interest in generating long-term wealth in this emerging asset class.

It recently launched an hourly compound return wallet that helps users earn interest by depositing their cryptocurrencies and withdrawing them at any time without paying any fees. This new feature fits perfectly with the “Flexi saving” product provided by Matrixport.

Matrixport is committed to the mission of making crypto investing and trading easier for all of its users and with the launch of BBM and SAM, it proves that to be true.

For more information on Matrixport, please see their official site.

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