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WARREN – Trumbull County has submitted a list to the state outlining broadband internet shortcomings in communities across the county.

Commissioners Mauro Cantalamessa and Frank Fuda voted in favor of the measure in a regular meeting this week that lasted less than 20 minutes, continuing the trend of short meetings over the past three weeks in the absence of Commissioner Niki. Frenchko.

Frenchko, who often raises issues in meetings that prolong the often heated discussion, missed workshops, regular meetings, and failed to show up for work or provided colleagues or staff with a reason to his absence, they said.

She did not respond to the Tribune Chronicle’s many messages.

“I haven’t received any phone calls or messages (from her) either. It’s not normal, but … “ Fuda said after Warren resident Paul Amos asked her where she was on Thursday in a meeting.

Cantalamessa said he also had no news from the commissioner, nor from the office staff.

“No, I haven’t received any words” said Deputy Clerk Lisa DeNunzio Blair.

“I guess it’s a consensus; no one has received a note of a return date ”, Cantalamessa said.


Commissioners approved a resolution asking the Ohio Department of Development to solicit applications from broadband service providers to provide services under the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant program .

The program was created in May after the law was passed by the Ohio General Assembly and Gov. Mike DeWine joined. The program will provide grants to help expand broadband service to “Unserved and underserved” Ohioans.

The commissioners cited the results of a broadband feasibility study carried out by the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments to indicate unserved or underserved areas.

County towns have pockets of predominantly underserved areas, although in Warren there are five pockets of unserved areas at the county seat borders. The western and central areas of Cortland are listed as underserved, as are the southwest and north areas of Girard, the southeast quadrant of Hubbard, and the mid-west area of ​​Niles, near the city limits.

As for the villages of the county, Newton Falls and Orangeville have “good coverage” while the eastern quadrants of Lordstown are unserved and underserved, the northeast area near the McDonald Village boundary is unserved, the eastern part of Yankee Lake is underserved, and West Farmington has good coverage , except for the area near the northern border.

Of the townships in the county, all of Bloomfield, Gustavus and Greene are listed as unserved. Underserved and unserved residents live in all quadrants of Farmington, Fowler, Braceville, Mesopotamia, Johnston and Hartford.

And some quadrants are listed as underserved or unserved in Bazetta, Bristol, Brookfield, Mecca, Newton, Southington, Champion, Howland, Hubbard, Kinsman, Liberty, Vienna, Warren and Weathersfield. If the application progresses, a broadband service provider may be asked to build a broadband infrastructure in the area after receiving a program grant. The state has set aside $ 20 million for the program.

In other cases, the commissioners:

• Hired Steven Storms as a plant maintenance worker at $ 16.06 per hour in the sanitary engineering department;

• Approval of a $ 278,143 Change Order, raising the contract with Thomas Construction Inc. of Grove City, Pa., To $ 17.052 million for the County Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project in Brookfield. The increase will be paid for with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund. The change was necessary to relocate potable water services to one of the buildings, for additional paint, flooring and ceiling tiles in the operations building and other items required at the plant;

• Authorization granted to County Engineer to close Third Street between State Route 88 and Ensign Road in West Farmington for culvert replacement Monday through Friday; Park Avenue between Mahan Denman Road and Peck Leach Road in Bristol and Mecca Monday through Friday for road repairs; North River Road between Larchmont Avenue and Elm Road between Monday and Friday for a level crossing upgrade; and Larchmont Avenue between North River Road and Elm Road October 23-26 for a crossing update.

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