Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Deadline Approaches – NBC Connecticut

The announcement of the student debt relief plan has been making waves recently.

But there’s another path to loan forgiveness that many don’t know about: the overhaul of the civil service loan forgiveness program.

The window to take advantage of the limited waiver is coming to an end. The program is aimed at people in the public service such as teachers, firefighters and police officers.

Here’s who’s eligible.

When it launched in 2007, many people took up this offer from the government – commit to 10 years of public service after university and the majority of your loans will be forgiven.

But tens of thousands of public sector workers have been denied the award for their service, with a staggering 98% of applicants turned down for a variety of administrative failures.

“The mental anguish caused by all of this has been quite significant,” said Ann Wysock, who relied on the PSLF app and struggled to get it approved.

She shared her story with NBC 5 Responds.

This revival with relaxed rules is an effort to give these people the opportunity to take advantage of the loan cancellation that had been promised to them.

This new limited civil service loan waiver could impact thousands of civil service employees, including types of loans that were not previously eligible.

Applicants must apply by October 31.

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