How to get a loan without a co-applicant

The recommendation of financial institutions is clear, especially for small loans: If possible, one should not make the loan application alone but with a co-applicant. But what does that mean and what if you want to have a loan without a co-applicant? Is such a wish then excluded? The credit without a co-applicant: What is […]

Smart ways to compare loans: everything at a glance!

Comparing a loan is still unknown to many people. While the tools are there, certainly via the internet. You used to have to go to a bank branch to request a service. You know it, the long waiting times and unclear information you received then did not make it any easier. But nowadays you can […]

Apply for foreign loans – despite less good creditworthiness & no cost

Fast, serious and uncomplicated Getting a loan abroad is a problem for many. My personal experience on what I have learned and what you should pay attention to if you are looking for serious foreign loans. Finding a loan from abroad can often be very frustrating. Rule # 1: Never pay any pre-cost, expenses or […]

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