Caroline Stanbury slams Kyle Richards for claiming she borrowed his jacket and never returned it

what is it with Kyle Richards claim that people aren’t paying or giving things back? During the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion she went after the newbie Garcelle Beauvais. She accused Garcelle of failing to make a charitable donation she had promised. A shocked Garcelle wanted to know why she hadn’t just informed her. It seems Kyle wanted to embarrass Garcelle instead of just calling her out. Now Kyle is doing it again, but taking him overseas.

As reported by page 6, Caroline Stanbury was forced to defend herself over a borrowed jacket. The Real Housewives of Dubai The star took to Twitter to set the record straight. Caroline tweeted a screenshot of a DM Kyle shipped. In the DM, Kyle admitted she twisted a story that Caroline didn’t return her jacket Watch what’s happening live. Caroline tweeted: “hmmmm @KyleRichards please clarify I had to borrow your jacket as my dress was see through I told you I love it you said it’s in your store that I bought it.”

In the DM, Kyle tried to cover her a– by giving carolina a warning. Kyle wrote: “Hi just wanted to give you a heads up last night I was asked about you and the Dubai show and said something about you borrowing my jacket and that you didn’t want to return it (because you loved it so much) but I know you returned it and ended up buying one She concluded, “Anyway, the show goes so fast never have time to explain everything. Good luck with the show!

Although the full DM screenshot was not posted, carolina answered him. And she was not amused. Caroline, “yes I was tagged a lot about it and yes I bought it in your store.” She included an eye rolling emoji for emphasis.

Now on what Kyle actually said on WWHL. Host Andy Cohen began his shadow by asking Kyle about carolina. He began, “Caroline Stanbury had issues with some of the women.” He went on to ask, “We want to know if you’re okay with Nina [Ali]it is first impression of her. Do you find Caroline Stanbury distant? You’ve been on Bravo for many years. Did you have an altercation with her? Do you know her?”

Kyle replied that his “only encounter” with carolina that’s when she lent him the jacket she was wearing. Then claimed, “I didn’t get it back from her.” After all these years of RHOBH and how many appearances on WWHL, you’d think Kyle would be better informed. The clip was unedited and Kyle never clarified his statement. Now she’s clearly on Caroline’s bad side, which is understandable. I’d be mad too if anyone suggested I steal his jacket.

carolina has since deleted his original tweet showing their private conversation. But she tweeted a new one, with the same caption but a different image. The photo she featured was from a Bravo article with the headline, “Kyle Richards Has an interesting kind about the first time she met Caroline Stanbury. Under the teased title, “The RHOBH the actor said he was still missing a jacket after a run with the RHODubai cast member.” Kyle has yet to respond to Caroline’s tweet.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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