Borrow an XGIMI Horizon Pro, man I’m impressed

I actually have a specific plan for a review of the XGIMI Horizon Pro, but the weather didn’t cooperate – tonight’s movie night rained, last night it was 95F, on the weekend it was raining when I I had the opportunity. Just a few notes here on my first encounter with the unit.

Not a review, just a “wow, look what I’m testing man…”

My goal is to have an outdoor movie night using only electricity and a screen. I’m not particularly spontaneous. The rain and winds blowing on the screen serve other purposes. The next goal is a Girl Scout movie night which will take place soon, but it will take place inside a school with the worst Wi-Fi in the world. But I digress.

Let me tell you about the XGIMI Horizon Pro and what I’ve been doing with it for the past six hours and why I think I could very easily ditch a physical TV at this point. This at six o’clock… so take it as you wish.

XGIMI Horizon Pro Setup

I turned it on, got a notice on my phone that there was a device to configure. I pressed set up device on my phone. I authorized him to access my account. It was done. I was inside and had an Android TV device up and running in what felt like two minutes. I selected a few things to install suggested by Google and a few things suggested by XGIMI, unchecked a few things it thought I wanted based on my account (sorry, no need for Auralux on itno idea how I would play.)

And it was done. The unit I’m borrowing requested a system update, I did, and bam. The functional Android TV unit appeared. I suspect it has the same Netflix issues as the XGIMI Elfin, but that’s just me preparing for full testing.

Go for offline use

So the first thing I’m working on here is taking the content offline because I’m going to be in Wi-Fi death in my two tests. For this I would have usually inserted a USB drive but somehow 300GB of USB drives disappeared for no reason so I attached an M2 drive in a USB enclosure because it’s what I had at hand. It powered up and recognized a USB flash drive and did as expected.

I noted there was 32GB of online storage, over 10 of which was free – that’s all I needed to copy a movie so I wouldn’t risk losing it if the drive disappeared, although I still haven’t. I decided to play some movies using the built-in player to see how it worked. Let me tell you, a 2200 ANSI lumen 2160p projector against my very happy little 800 lumen Elfin made me feel bad about myself.

I feel like the picture I see on my white wall (I can’t get out to install the screen yet) is almost as good as my 4K TV and noticeably more vivid in medium light conditions low. The picture is beautiful.

Oh hey, that’s not a review

This will get a review but man if you’re thinking of getting one look it up…or you know wait until I write the non fanboi review level in a week or two…but considering what I see, maybe a fan is coming.

They are at Amazonand man it’s gonna hurt to come back

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