BnBIT builds a decentralized exchange and lending protocol

Crypto investors can earn up to 200% BNB back on top of VIP bonuses

BnBIT has launched a yield farm where investors can stake their BNB and earn up to 200% ROI for their investment. This community yield farm is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Community members can deposit for as little as 0.01 and withdraw their profits at any time. By earning rewards for liquidity farming, crypto investors can let their money work for them and enjoy the rewards.

The BnBIT project is a DAPP on the Binance Smart Chain that brings together the best categories of liquidity for maximum earning potential. Investors can grow their portfolio through mining, staking, and a community referral system. Unlike other yield farms, BnBIT guarantees investors an average return of 4% on their investment.

“Our community-driven ecosystem provides investors with multiple income opportunities, including yield farming and liquidity mining,” says the founder of BnBIT. “Investors can withdraw their profits at any time, but if an investor holds their profits, they can receive profit holding rewards. These rewards start at 1.0% in return for holding profits for 10 days and increase by cumulatively as the investor retains those profits longer.

Community members can choose between keeping profits, withdrawing daily, or both. By holding their profits, they can continue to earn returns and grow their wealth. Since the profits come from the cash pool rewards, there is no chance that the contract balance will be low.

Each user’s daily yield percentage depends on the actions the user performs and their effects on the farm’s efficiency rate. The farm’s efficiency rate fluctuates as users keep, accumulate income, and withdraw BNB rewards. The percentage return depends on the user’s personal holding, withdrawal and preparation habits as well as the habits of the community as a whole. Ultimately, a user’s personal habits have a greater impact on their personal returns.

The BnBIT farm pays investors an average daily return of 4%, with a maximum potential of 100% profit per day. Moreover, you can enjoy a cumulative maximum of 200% profit on each BNB deposit in the BnBIT liquidity contract. The smart contract calculates the profit potential from the moment the deposit is made. After a 20-day hold period, users will start enjoying returns close to the 4% advertised daily. Users get an average of 0.167% per hour or 4% per day. This number will rise and fall based on user and community habits.

The BnBIT Farm algorithm is designed to provide a fair share of rewards to all users. Nevertheless, it also favors loyal holders by issuing holding and VIP bonuses, among others. A contract growth bonus of 0.1% is issued for every +100 BNB on the contract balance, with a maximum of 100% bonus. Additionally, users are rewarded with a 1.0% holding bonus every 10 days with no withdrawal, with a maximum bonus of 100%. The BnBIT Project also awards 0.1% for every +10 BNB independently deposited by an investor, with a maximum bonus of 100%. Each whitelisted community member earns an additional 1.0% bonus. Finally, community members receive a 0.1% bonus for every 10 direct referrals.

The BnBIT ecosystem is designed to provide transparency and security for the benefit of community members. Since every BnBIT transaction is automatically recorded on the blockchain, investors can be assured of 100% security and assurance on their funds. The contract is also fully secure, doxxed, open source and viewable on BscScan. To maintain transparency, developers will not have access to this contract after launch.

All members of the BnBIT community can also use the exchange and loan protocol. Specifically, users can trade the supported tokens at high speed and low cost on the app. Additionally, with the lending option, users can borrow tokens to start their own projects. This allows investors to keep their collateral on a highly secure contract while borrowing tokens on a higher debit.

To start investing, BnBIT users can register a BNB wallet via Binance Chain or the Metamask browser extension. Android and iOS users can also save their wallet apps. After topping up the wallet, all the user needs to do is make a deposit in order to start earning.

The BnBIT yield farm offers each investor returns commensurate with their stakes and farming efficiency. This ecosystem is built to ensure that all members of the community are profitable. Since profits are generated from mining rewards, this ecosystem sustains itself. With a yield farm that operates on fully secure BNB protocols, BnBIT is committed to giving low and high income investors a fair opportunity to earn equal yield.

About BnBIT

BnBIT is a decentralized exchange and lending protocol with a community yield farm that is built on the BSC network and offers huge APY. This immutable ecosystem is designed to sustain itself with the transaction fees of the coin exchange and lending protocol, as well as generate rewards from the liquidity pools. The BnBIT Farm algorithm is designed to ensure that all members of the community are profitable while rewarding investors who hold higher profit percentages.

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