BJP’s HP poll manifesto cut-copy-paste old promises, borrowed a few from us: Cong

Congress on Sunday denounced the ruling BJP over its manifesto on the Himachal Pradesh poll, calling it a “cut-and-copy-paste” of their five-year-old promises and partly borrowed from the 2022 election document of the big old party.

On Sunday, BJP Chairman JP Nadda promised a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), a 33% reservation for women in government jobs and educational institutions, and concessions for different segments as he posted the party manifesto for state polls.

A mix of Hindutva, development and welfare promises underpinned the ‘Sankalp Patra’, with Nadda also issuing a separate manifesto for women, a voting segment where measures such as free grain, Cooking gas connections and toilets have elicited favorable responses for the BJP in different polls. Congress official for Himachal Pradesh Rajiv Shukla and party leader Alka Lamba called the BJP manifesto a “cut-and-copy-and-paste” document. ”Jairam Thakur used cut, copied and pasted the 2017 BJP manifesto and borrowed points from the Congress 2022 manifesto,” Lamba asserted.

In a press conference here with Lamba, Shukla claimed, “Their 2022 manifesto is a bunch of lies. If they haven’t implemented the previous one, will they now? ” Shukla also said that the BJP manifesto did not say a word about the old pension scheme, the reinstatement which has been a key demand of government employees.

”The establishment of the old pension scheme is a big request, but they are not doing anything about it. Our governments in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh have implemented it,” he said.

On the BJP’s promising implementation of a uniform civil code in Himachal Pradesh if the party is elected to power, Shukla asked who stopped them from doing so in Uttarakhand where they promised earlier.

”They haven’t enforced it anywhere, but at poll time they come out with such ‘jumla’ (rhetoric).

Targeting the BJP more on his manifesto, Shukla said, “First they were supposed to release it on November 4th. Then someone told them that Congress would release its manifesto on November 5. They copied and used points from our document. But what they forgot was that they had released their manifesto in 2017 and again incorporated some promises that had not been fulfilled earlier. , adding: ”They neither implemented the promises in 2017 nor are they going to do so now, they are just deceiving people. ”In 2017, they promised that all the roads would be connected to the villages, but they did nothing and have now repeated the promise, Shukla alleged.

The BJP promised seed money last time and did nothing for five years. Now when they saw the congress manifesto talking about a start-up fund of Rs 680 crore, so they made that promise again, he claimed.

”In 2017, the BJP promised 1 GB of free data to young people, but they didn’t fulfill it. Congress in its 2022 manifesto promised 5 lakh jobs, of which 1 lakh will be government jobs. The BJP has pledged the creation of eight lakh job opportunities in phases. They did not limit it in time. So it’s just a ‘jumla’ (rhetoric),” he said.

They should put out a newsletter of what they’ve done. But they have nothing to show, they have not kept their promises, alleged the leader of Congress.

The BJP said the GST would be limited to 12% for apple growers. But why don’t they scrap the GST, Congress asked.

Lamba claimed that apple growers in the state are forced to sell their produce at low prices in the absence of a law guaranteeing MSP.

About the old pension scheme, she said that the Congress run Rajasthan and Chattisgarh implemented it without the help of the Center and the beneficiaries are reaping the benefits.

“Within 10 days of coming to power, we will implement this in Himachal Pradesh as well,” Lamba said.

Responding to a question, Shukla said a victory in the state would send a big message since it is “important to stop autocratic rule”.

When asked where the resources would be mobilized from to deliver on the congressional poll promises, he said: “We gave points on how we intend to generate revenue.” On BJP leaders mentioning the Ram Temple in their speeches, Shukla said, “From the very beginning, we took a stand that a great Ram Temple should be built if the Supreme Court ordered it. After the Supreme Court paved the way for its construction, we welcomed it.” “We are not seeking votes on behalf of Lord Ram. When the polls approach, they (the BJP) raise the issue of Ram’s temple “, did he declare.

Accusing the BJP of remaining silent on issues like inflation, Lamba said Himachal Pradesh had an unemployment rate of 9.2% and 14 lakh unemployed.

But the BJP is talking about creating job opportunities in stages, she said.

Lamba spoke about the issue of women’s security in the hill state and asked what steps had been taken by Jairam Thakur’s government to address it.

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