Apps that can help you better plan your finances in 2022

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Apps that can help you better plan your finances in 2022

Posted on February 12, 2022

Everyone is looking forward to that golden period of life when one is free from work and responsibilities and has plenty of time to pursue one’s passions, and to reach this stage one must plan one’s finances in a global. In many ways, a financial plan can serve as your guide to achieving your life goals, and it’s never been more important than now to get a financial plan in order as the pandemic has turned our financial lives upside down in as we all reevaluate our priorities in life. But don’t worry, we live in a digital world where there’s an app for everything and everything in life, and that includes apps for all aspects of financial planning and all that that entails. These Fintech apps can help you control your income, expenses, investments, debts, loans and more.

To help you better plan your finances and get the most out of 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the best fintech apps below:


MoneyTap is a lending platform that pioneered the concept of an app-based line of credit to provide people with access to instant, affordable and flexible credit up to ₹5 Lakh. MoneyTap aims to provide 0%, low-cost EMI in consumer goods, education, and healthcare to 10,000 merchants. MoneyTap has partnered with several financial institutions including HDB Financial Services, Credit Saison, InCred, Fullerton, IDFC First Bank, etc.

MoneyTap was founded in 2015 by Anuj Kacker, Kunal Verma and Bala Parthasarathy. The app offers small business loans, fast mobile loans, EMI plans with flexible payments and competitive interest rates. If you own a smartphone with a PAN, you can get a small loan in less than 15 minutes by accessing the MoneyTap app. The whole process is dematerialized, except for the KYC documents required by the partner bank.


Founded in July 2020 by Sousthav Chakrabarty and Anil Bhat in Bangalore, Siply is a technology-based micro-savings platform. Siply wants to be the preferred financial services brand for the 40 million Indians who are not yet part of the formal banking system. The company is building a bespoke platform to meet the specific needs of this segment, which has so far been largely overlooked by current financial institutions such as banks and mutual fund companies.

The platform helps the underserved masses such as contract workers, blue collar workers, gig economy workers and small business owners to instill savings behavior through bagged financial services where the investment can be as low as INR 1.00 to build a more productive, inclusive and financially secure Bharat environment.

Savings and investments are central to any financial plan, and Siply is perfect for helping you develop a savings habit with their bagged financial services. Plus, with UCITS on Siply, you can categorize your savings based on your savings goals. In addition, Siply offers many other facilities such as tax savings funds, emergency funds, retirement savings, wealth funds. The company also has a micro-credit service that you can use for short-term loans.


Founded in 2020 by Ashit Joshi, NuCash is a comprehensive fintech that provides simple and easy banking, lending and investing solutions through its awesome financial app. The company is dedicated to making finance simple and palatable, helping you assess your current and future needs and easily meet all of your financial needs.

NuCash is the financial staple for Baby Boomers and GenZ, and if you find financial planning daunting, this app can help you understand finance like never before and gain hassle-free access to otherwise cumbersome and complicated financial solutions. .

The app covers everything from banking, loans and payments to insurance, investments and savings. Some of the platform’s breakthrough features include zero balance, one-click access to financial support, and human-only customer service managers.


A transformative fintech company,, set out to reduce financial stress by offering employers a holistic approach that addresses financial wellness issues at its core. The app can help you stay on track with your financial plan if you need funds urgently or in an emergency by giving you an alternative to borrowing money or tapping into your savings.

Instead of breaking the bank, you can claim your own well-earned money by taking a payday advance from Valyu, a local FinTech startup that provides bespoke financial products for modern employees. If associated with your employer, the app allows you to withdraw your accrued but unpaid salaries to your salary account whenever needed. Unforeseen expenses, smart savings, celebrations, emergencies all require flexibility in your finances. With Valyu’s payday advance, you have the freedom to choose how and when to use your money.

Moreover, the app has a seamless onboarding process as all you need is your registered mobile number and you are ready to use paperless apps, and there is no need to verify your credit.


INDmoney is another app that is a one stop destination for all your finances. The app automatically organizes your finances, helps you plan your goals, and uses machine learning to help you save and invest commission-free.

INDmoney (formerly known as INDwealth) was launched in 2019 with the goal of providing a better financial future for individuals and families. The trademark is owned by Finzoom Investment Advisors (p) Ltd; an investment advisory entity registered with SEBI. The company is backed by investors such as Tiger Global, Steadview Capital and Dragoneer.

INDmoney allows users to track all their investments and liabilities: users can track all their investments and liabilities in Mutual Funds, Indian Stocks, Fixed Deposits, ETH, NPS, Loans, PMS, Cryptos , credit cards, insurance and many more.

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