Apply for foreign loans – despite less good creditworthiness & no cost

Fast, serious and uncomplicated

Fast, serious and uncomplicated

Getting a loan abroad is a problem for many. My personal experience on what I have learned and what you should pay attention to if you are looking for serious foreign loans.

Finding a loan from abroad can often be very frustrating.

Rule # 1: Never pay any pre-cost, expenses or fees to get a loan in the promise!

THREE points that you should definitely consider for foreign loans

In order to be able to easily get cheap foreign loans, you should be aware of a few key points.

The most important three points that help you to get a suitable and cheap foreign credit in every situation – here at a glance!

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# 1: General credit comparison does not help you

If you want to be served with a foreign loan and still get money on your account today, then you do not need a general credit comparison. If you want to borrow money immediately with a foreign loan, then you need clear and specific help! Help you can find here.

# 2: Loan Calculator has no use

Even a common loan calculator will not help you much if you are looking for a foreign loan! If you want to borrow money, then you can easily calculate interest rates – but this has hardly any benefit for your specific request.

The added value comes from our special help! To take over the difficult and frustrating search for a suitable & reputable foreign credit.

If you want to borrow money from abroad immediately, then you need a reliable partner who will help you to provide suitable foreign investors for you. If you want to lend your money now urgently, then we help you to facilitate this very tedious process for you!

# 3: What you actually need

These are serious private lenders who lend to match your loan request. Since there are a variety of private lenders, all of which give different loan types on different terms, it is very difficult to find the right lender. The search process is difficult, tedious and frustrating.

The problem with foreign loans

The problem with foreign loans

Personally make an exact credit comparison is almost impossible due to the large number of different acceptance conditions. We help you. We take over this process for you !.

Only with a suitable loan request a loan can be settled quickly and easily. That is, it is asbolut necessary to know exactly for what purpose you want a bank loan.

Also, it is beyond question to be very specific. Under what circumstances you would like to borrow money from abroad. These circumstances can be very different. We are looking for your special case!

Even if you are interested in a loan for the self-employed!

Why are so many foreign loans denied?

Why are so many foreign loans denied?

The main reason why so many foreign loans are rejected lies in the wrong application. In around 90% of cases, loan requests are made to non-appropriate lenders – eg. A foreign loan is made to a private lender who can not service this type of loan!

# 1: With foreign loans, the foreign exchange rate can provide an advantage

One of the main reasons why foreign loans are also offered by banks is the fact that the loan can be borrowed in another currency. Due to the different foreign exchange trading you can save considerable sums here.

This directly affects your repayment rates. It is also clear that exchange rates can not only develop to your advantage. For this reason, it is important to know your loan agreement exactly.

Especially if you change your form of financing your loan agreement should contain flexible clauses. Clauses that allow you to change your foreign credit if you wish without additional costs.

# 2: Foreign loans offer different interest rates

Other countries do not just have different customs. Other countries also have other economic conditions. Economic situations can lead to lower general interest rates than domestically.

With the right combination of a well-chosen foreign exchange rate and low interest rates, it is possible to get very cheap foreign loans!

# 3: Foreign loans without credit bureau

It should also be mentioned that debts (loans, loans, etc., which are provided by foreign private lenders) do not have to be reported to the credit bureau, unless they are a member of the credit bureau. Again in plain text. Foreign investors are not obliged to report to credit bureau in Germany if they are not members of the credit bureau organization!

Thus, it is clear that it is very attractive for many borrowers of Germany to borrow money from abroad – especially from lenders who are in no connection to the credit bureau! No matter in what financial situation you are. We help you to find a reputable foreign credit – especially if you want to have the money quickly on your account!

Knowing different types of credit is important for the application and the positive acceptance of your loan. Very often there is also great uncertainty about how to apply for a bank loan. Also, there are always missing and incorrect information regarding the different requirements for a loan.

As you now know, foreign loans can be awarded without credit bureau entry. For around 80% of applicants this is the main reason for choosing this form of financing.

In general, one may already say that it is nothing more unusual to get cheap foreign loans through neighboring countries! No matter whether it is a small loan or a car loan.

Bank credit without credit rating – is that possible?

Bank credit without credit rating - is that possible?

A bank loan can usually be applied for relatively easily. Even if your credit rating is not the best and your credit bureau score should not “shine”.

I also advise you to improve your credit bureau Score if your credit rating is lower. Also, I have already explained how you can delete your negative credit bureau with simple steps.

If you urgently want to borrow money, then you will also find private online loan marketplaces abroad.

Foreign loans by private lenders on online marketplaces

Online credit marketplaces offer you the opportunity worldwide to post your loan request. There you will find private lenders who are very happy to lend you money immediately. One of these online credit marketplaces in Germany is Auxmoney. On this platform it is possible to apply for an instant loan from private persons. Please note that German online platforms are usually members of the credit bureau and thus your credit is also registered with the credit bureau.

For foreign credit platforms based on the same principle, it is possible to obtain a foreign loan without credit bureau. Foreign exchange rates, language barriers, and very different conditions make it very difficult to obtain a suitable and cheap foreign credit in this way.

Credit card Free order

Numerous credit card providers form another form to obtain a foreign credit. If you have rejected domestic credit card providers, then you have the advantage of foreign providers, that you can apply for a credit card for free. The opening of borders within the European Union also makes it possible, for example. to get a credit card from Austria!

Yet. Be always aware that almost all commercial loans that you want to take in Germany also be registered in the credit bureau (exceptions are private lenders that are not a member of the credit bureau.) That is, if you want to avoid a credit bureau entry, then recommends It takes a loan from private individuals. A credit which is not granted commercially. These include z. For example, small loans from your family members, your best friends or even your parents.

In Germany it has already become standard to take out a bank loan. And loan sharks are increasingly resorting to offering foreign loans without credit bureau. And so it happens that the loan from Switzerland is mostly known to most people. But there are also many other loans from abroad, such as. Special loans from a bank.

Who can apply for a loan from abroad?

Who can apply for a loan from abroad?

If you are an employee, a civil servant, employee, pensioner, housewife, trainee, student, or if you should be self-employed. There is a suitable foreign loan and matching private lender for all cases.

Pay attention to credit conditions

It is important to note the loan conditions. Specifically, loans from abroad can have completely different requirements for a loan. Terms and conditions that may differ significantly from German loan agreements. Of course it is also important for a loan from abroad to know your agreed interest rate and the associated liabilities and monthly installments!

No matter if you need the money for a small loan or if you want to do a debt restructuring.

Foreign loans and conditions

If you want to apply for a credit bureau-free foreign credit, you should pay attention to the following three points.

  1. You should be in an upright employment relationship
  2. have a proven source of income for the last 6 months
  3. Minimum age 18 years

Also, you should have an ongoing checking account where the money can be paid out to your account.