Angel Oak co-CEO reveals how they stay on top of the non-QM market

Today, Angel Oak holds one of the largest portfolios of service assets in the non-QM industry. Fierman said they plan to stay on top of this market using a successful formula that has allowed the company to thrive and expand its market share despite changes or obstacles in the market.

“We will achieve this by adhering to a very disciplined financial management system that we understand. Additionally, our mission remains to provide the best mortgage services and products to help a large and diverse population of underserved borrowers close effectively,” Fierman said. GPA in an exclusive interview. “We continue to hire the best people possible and invest in systems that allow us to grow in a controlled manner. We believe that all of this creates a winning combination that will allow us to maintain our market leadership.

“The future of non-QM is a healthy and promising market. We are very happy with the performance of non-QMs currently, and we were able to rebound in a short time from the pandemic. Angel Oak estimates that a healthy non-QM market should be worth more than $200 billion per year. Anyone not using non-QM should do so to take advantage of the opportunity that currently exists. »

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