A loan of 25 million euros for the benefit of Albanian health care

The Albanian government has announced a loan of 25 million euros to improve hospital infrastructure, buy new medical equipment and digitize data.

Despite opposition cynicism, the parliamentary health committee approved a draft law “on the ratification of a loan agreement between the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Republic of Albania” on Monday, June 6 .

“It has three components: improving infrastructure, improving health information management, monitoring, project management, evaluation and technical assistance,” said Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health.

The funds will be distributed among several hospitals, including the cardiac surgery hospital, psychiatric establishments, the burns hospital and the rehabilitation centers in Kruje and Lezha.

Following the 2019 earthquake and the National Health Strategy 2021-2030, the loan is required.

Manastirliu also said an additional €32 million will be granted to help implement a World Bank project.

Opposition lawmakers have said a concrete assessment of how the money is spent is needed and the problems mentioned cannot be solved with just 25 million euros.

Source: Medriva

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