3 most expensive / valuable cryptocurrencies in the world as of July 2021

1. Packaged Bitcoin:

Recently launched in 2019, Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) has been modified for use in the Ethereum ecosystem. The token allows users to communicate with several of Ethereum’s APs, including DeFI or the decentralized financial ecosystem.

The use case of wBTC is a guarantee or pledge for the repayment of the loan, when the loan has been secured against the cryptocurrency on DeFi platforms.

At the time of writing this copy, the wrapped bitcoin was listed for $ 34,761.99 & dollars.

2. Bitcoin:

2. Bitcoin:

These cryptocurrencies facilitate payments using the blockchain system and each of the BTCs is mined by computer means. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. Although people, even Indians, collect bitcoin in large numbers, there is no need to divert a huge fund to the asset class as they still don’t have the regulatory network around it. Nonetheless, there are immense opportunities, with the crypto still trading up 18% on an annual basis, having risen 600% in the past six months. Other than that, your risk potential and other such concerns should be weighed before betting on bitcoin.

Finally, the crypto traded higher to $ 34,742.8 per bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin BEP 2 (BTCB):

3. Bitcoin BEP 2 (BTCB):

It is a BEP2 token that is one hundred percent supported by Bitcoin. The token facilitates near instant Bitcoin transactions. However, few services currently support Bitcoin BEP2. The token is issued by Binance on the Binance Chain.

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange either backs or supports each of the BTCB tokens with an equivalent number of BTC in a pool.

The main purpose of issuing BTCB was to bring liquidity to the Binance chains so that users could trade tokens issued by the Binance chain for BTC.

Finally, the crypto traded at a price of 28,651 &. 15.

Should you invest in these expensive virtual currencies?

We have obviously been vigilant in the face of the huge retail participation in Bitcoin, in which the retail and institutional investor class is investing money to capitalize on the current downturn. In addition, if despite the volatility, one wants to capitalize on the probable gains of these cryptos, one can do so by investing small amounts not exceeding 2% of their overall financial portfolio or by keeping their investments for the longer term.


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