Leave it to the experts: calculate your loan online for free!

Calculating a loan does not take much time at all. And you don’t have to be an expert to do this yourself. It is about entering an amount and choosing the duration of the loan. With that data you already have a result in front of you. It could hardly be easier. Banks have also […]

How to get a loan without a co-applicant

The recommendation of financial institutions is clear, especially for small loans: If possible, one should not make the loan application alone but with a co-applicant. But what does that mean and what if you want to have a loan without a co-applicant? Is such a wish then excluded? The credit without a co-applicant: What is […]

Smart ways to compare loans: everything at a glance!

Comparing a loan is still unknown to many people. While the tools are there, certainly via the internet. You used to have to go to a bank branch to request a service. You know it, the long waiting times and unclear information you received then did not make it any easier. But nowadays you can […]

Credit with completed credit bureau entry – is this possible?

A loan with a completed credit bureau entry Under certain circumstances, obtaining a loan with a completed credit bureau entry may not be very easy, as a negative feature that has been completed by yourself is still included in the assessment of the borrower in the risk assessment of the loan application. Of course, it can come […]

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