Would you dare to start a business with your partner

Many people have found in the enterprise the solution to their labor problems. The difficulty to find employment and the low salaries offered by companies has brought out the entrepreneurial vein of many people. The question we ask today in Zaplo is: would you dare to start a business with your partner? Think about it coldly. A business in common with the person you love would imply that you were with her all day, both at work and at home. You would be able?

Advantages of setting up a business as a couple

Contrary to what a priori might seem, setting up a business as a couple has more advantages than disadvantages. One of the most important of all is that from the first moment there will be trust and sincerity among the partners. Possibly there is no person in the world with whom we can talk more about you than you do with the one with whom we share a bed. In the business world, trusting and delegating to the person you have in the office next door is essential to prosper.

In addition, at an affective level, the couple spends much more time together , and that can be good for the relationship. In a world as busy as today, many couples barely see each other during the day because of work. This problem disappears when both share the same working space.

Another important advantage is the cost savings involved in setting up a business as a couple. In addition to the fact that the two people are going to work together, with the consequent saving in fuel , if they use the car for it, the costs of hiring personnel at the beginning of the company are also reduced.

When setting up a business as a couple, the ease of making decisions is also greater. However, this in turn can lead to problems if, from the start, there is no sharing of responsibilities and power according to the professional skills of each member of the couple. It is also important to clearly define whether one of the parties has a greater degree of power than the other and, with that, greater decision-making power. This way we will avoid problems in the future.

Disadvantages of undertaking as a couple

With regard to the disadvantages, undoubtedly the main one is the result of not knowing how to separate personal life from professional life . If we start as a couple we can not take home work problems . This is quite complicated, but basic to keep the relationship as well as the business relationship in good health.

In this same sense, many partner businesses end up mixing the economy of their own business with the family economy , so that there is no clear delimitation on what the family’s finances are and what those of the company itself.

On the other hand, it is quite frequent that the couples who undertake together, when they have a personal bad spell with each other, transfer this problem to the company. If you have had a bad night with your partner because of an argument, it will be difficult to put an end to that bad feeling first thing in the morning to start working together, and this is not good for the company. If a divorce or separation also occurs, keeping the business afloat becomes even more complicated.