Tips to save on Christmas dinner


In the blink of an eye, Christmas is here. It is a time of year of celebration, of being with the family but also of a lot of expense . Therefore, as from Zaplo we know that saving is fundamental for family economies, we offer you a series of tips to save on Christmas dinner.

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Saving at Christmas dinner is possible if you know how

  1. Plan the dinner thinking in advance what will be the menu that we will make . Sometimes agreeing to a lot of people for a menu is an arduous task. Therefore, the sooner we start to plan and close the menu we are going to have at Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and Christmas and New Year’s meals, the better it will be. Thus, once all the attendees agree, the menu closes and it is time to buy the ingredients.
  2. Create a realistic menu and not exaggerated . We have the tendency to create excessive Christmas menus and after that there is too much food that we do not know what to do with it. Therefore, it is better to establish a special but reasonable meal so that we do not waste money.
  3. Buy the ingredients of the menu in advance . At Christmas the typical products of the time become more expensive so it is necessary that all those foods that can be bought in advance and store and freeze (drinks, sweets, meats, fish, etc.) are made, because if we buy them in noviembres its price will be normal and freezing it we will not have lost just quality. For example, one of the most expensive products that can be bought and frozen is seafood.
  4. Buy white brands . This advice can be applied both to the Christmas purchase and to the daily one of a family. Keep in mind that buying white brands is not buying worse quality but cheaper because they do not have a brand to pay for.
  5. Use fresh seasonal products . We refer mainly to fruits and vegetables . To use this type of products will be much cheaper than if we look for another more special one but that is out of season such as strawberries, melon, etc.
  6. Offer with cider . Cider is a cheaper alternative and just as tasty as champagne or cava to toast. Keep in mind that the important thing is to provide with loved ones not with what is provided.