Plan the purchase of your Christmas gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, November is already starting and it is time to think about Christmas gifts, but we want to spend a lot of money on gifts to our loved ones. For this, from Zaplo, we offer you a series of tips to try to save the most in the purchase of your Christmas gifts :

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  1. Start saving for gifts in advance . The ideal is to start saving for Christmas gifts as soon as the summer ends because by the time Christmas arrives you will have a sufficient cushion of money and it will not have cost you as much as releasing all the money at once.
  2. Select the people you are going to make a Christmas present for . There are many families who do not give gifts to all the people in their families because they have very large families and therefore, they only give gifts to certain people : the couple, children, grandparents or parents. In this sense, it is necessary to be clear who you will give and so you will know how many gifts you have to do this Christmas getting to have a plan and create a budget.
  3. Establish a budget Once you know who you are going to give away for Christmas you can set a budget for each of the people . Thus, you will know if the money you have saved or how much you are going to spend comes to you.
  4. Try to buy the gifts in advance . The ideal is to buy the gifts in November and at the most the first week of December since the closer Christmas comes the higher the prices, the fewer offers there are and the more chances you have of running out of the gift you want to buy, especially if you are Fashion.
  5. Stay tuned for offers : Normally during the month of November tend to offer a series of offers both in toys and fashion or cosmetics or technology that should be exploited. Among them is Black Friday . In this way, it would be convenient to pay attention to them, buy gifts on offer and keep them safe for Christmas.
  6. Craft gifts can be a good solution to save . The important thing about gifts at Christmas is the detail of giving to the other person, of the affection you put in choosing the present not what you spend. Therefore, a quite economic and much more personal alternative is the realization of handcrafted or manual gifts . For this, all you need is to have a good idea, be a little “handyman”, have aesthetic taste and above all know very well the person for whom you will be the gift.

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Do you think that all these premises can easily be fulfilled to plan the purchase of your Christmas gifts? Tell us about your experience