How are the P2P Loans companies in Spain?

How are the P2P Loans companies in Spain?

Although it cost to start more than in other countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, P2P loans have opened a gap in our country reaching reaching 61 million euros collected during 2016 , according to the latest report published by Universe Crowdfunding. This type of crowdfunding is currently the most successful in Spain. In fact, more than 50% of the 113 million euros raised in total by all types of crowdfunding platforms was thanks to P2P loans.


For people looking for financing is a “traditional” alternative

There are currently 22 crowdlending platforms approved by the National Securities Market Commission, of which half are crowdlending platforms . It is not surprising that this form of financing is so popular, since it offers an agile, simple way and without banks to obtain financing. However, its characteristics and conditions are often very similar to those offered by personal bank loans and the purposes for which we can also request them, so it is like requesting the same type of product, but with a simpler and more agile process. A clear example is the P2P loan from Younited Credit that even improves the general conditions of bank loans.


Lender Quantity. Cost characteristics I’m interested
P2P Loan YounitedCredit € 1,000
€ 40,000
From 5.18% TIN
7.07% APR
  • No linked products
  • Response in 48 hours
  • Opening commission 1%
  • Without changing bank
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As we see both the amount it offers, the interest (TIN and APR) and the terms are very similar to the offers of personal loans. The main difference is who gives us the loan. While in the bank loans is the same entity who gives us their money, P2P loans are private investors who decide if they want to contribute money in our project.

For investors, the way to obtain greater profitability

The basis of the operation of the P2P loans is that it is on several private investors who decide, according to the analysis of our profile carried out by the crowdlending companies , if they want to invest in our project and the amount for which they will do it. Thus, the contribution of several investors will allow us to obtain the total credit requested.

Investors will get in return the interest on the loan that we will pay . This investment is a new way to obtain profitability at a time when interest rates on products such as deposits are close to 0%. Although the investment in P2P loans is not guaranteed by any Guarantee Fund , the crowdlending platform analyzes each of the profiles of the people requesting financing so that each investor to choose those that involve lower risk if we are conservative investors or those with the highest risk in exchange for a higher return. Investing in P2P loans is becoming an alternative to diversify our portfolio and obtain higher profits than those obtained by other types of fixed-term investments.