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Microloans in Spain

Los micropréstamos en España 300x200 Surely on more than one occasion you have heard about the microloans in Spain, which are very helpful to solve any type of emergency that happens to customers, in addition to being one of the best forms of financing for any type of project that you have in mind and require cash money urgently, as they are fast personal online credits, with which the application process can be done in a few minutes.

It is precisely for this reason that these mini credits instantly do not require more documentation to start with the paperwork and make the disbursement, this is because it does not require the submission of part of the users of a guarantee to be able to repay the debt, as well as not presenting the payroll for which they work, since these two elements are not always available and makes the request for a loan or loan online in Spain a bit complicated.

What is the association of microloans in Spain

As in all parts of the world, there are associations that are dedicated to the regulation of microloans and Spain cannot be the exception, since the flow of personal loans that are handled in the country is quite high.

So in general terms it is a fully professional association whose main mission is to group all the companies in the sector of fast loans that are installed in the country, this with the sole purpose of ensuring the protection of the industry and Of course, of all the clients that request the service, that way you can fully trust each time you have the need to request an online personal loan urgently.

It is thanks to the Spanish association of microloans that new scenarios have been generated that offer great advantages to customers who request fast personal loans online, since they have tried to have alternative financing methods, within them the main one is offered by the Internet, since it generates comfort and stability for people who need it, since all the technology found in this sector is the highest that can be had, which has greatly motivated companies that have dedicated for many years to the part of personal loans.

The best thing of all is that it has been the industry itself that has agreed to partner, this to be able to self-regulate everything necessary to good practices that are part of the protection of customers, that way you will have greater satisfaction of part of the users who have requested mini-credits online.

The code of ethics of the microloan association in Spain

Thanks to the union and solidification that has been had in the last years of the association of microloans in Spain , they have managed to have a great amount of important advances, among which is the most important that is the code of ethics, the which also has as its main mission to protect customers at all times.

Among the main features that it has for fast personal online loans is for example that it is the solvency assessment of customers, this does not grant personal loans to customers who do not have the economic capacity, since only they will create a bigger problem.

Also to have advertising and marketing policies, this so that what customers are going to have is actually offered, also about the recovery of debts, treatment of customers who have complicated economic difficulties.

But among the most important issues is undoubtedly that of the protection of personal data, since having personal information should not be the reason for its commercialization in any way, so customers can be sure on that subject.

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Know how to finance a car – Immediate loans

Know how to finance a car

Sepa cómo financiar un coche 300x200 Are you thinking about getting a new sweet ride lately? You’re not alone. The car industry in Spain had its year of highest sales recorded during 2016, that year they sold 11% more in cars than during the year 2015.

<img style="padding: 10px; float: left;" src="data/article24316_images/article_24316_0.jpg" alt="Sepa c&oacute;mo financiar un coche 300x200" /> Are you thinking about getting a new sweet ride lately? You

Some of the reasons for the boom are fairly easy to identify, such as a recovering economy, low oil prices and a large amount of repressed demand as people finally replace the old cars they have been caring for during the crisis in previous years. But the biggest hidden factor is, trust. People who are pretty sure they will have a job in the future are willing to take on some debts to get a new car.

To find a car loan that does not cost a pump, compare all financing options before entering the car’s display yard. Optionally, if it is your case, find out about the loans for used cars .

With this in mind, follow these basic points to know how to finance a car:

Bank loans

Bank loans

Banks and credit unions offer pre-approved loans that let you know in advance how much you can borrow. If you already have a loan, it may be possible to change it to include financing for a car .

Extend a mortgage


Homeowners can extend their mortgage or use a “revolving credit” loan. This is a way to borrow a car at the mortgage interest rate, which is probably lower than other loan rates. But if we add the cost of a car to a mortgage and we do not pay it for many years, it will end up costing much more in the general interest than in comparison with the payment of a car loan in one or two years.

Therefore, by following this route, it is smart to increase mortgage payments to settle the car’s debt as quickly as possible. We do not want to end up paying for an old car while trying to pay for a new one!

Loans of financial companies


Car dealers often offer loans that are actually provided by a financial company. The dealer will often sign us up for a car loan as part of the purchase process.

Find the best interest rate

Find the best interest rate

The interest rates on car loans can vary widely, so we should compare prices. Agreeing an “insured” car loan usually means a lower interest rate. This means that if we do not comply with the payments, the lender can sell the car to recover the money owed.

If we have an existing relationship with a lender, it is often easier to access cheaper loans. For example, a credit union could offer loans for cars with better conditions for its current members.

Checking fees and charges

Checking fees and charges

There are always fees and charges involved when getting a car loan. The documents provided by the lender must show them clearly.
Expect to pay a loan establishment fee. Some lenders may encourage insurance or optional guarantees. All these will be added to the total amount borrowed.

Help always ask the lender to communicate all fees and charges during the entire repayment period. They must reveal a unique dollar amount of what the loan will cost. Compare the charges and fees with the price of the car. It may be that the charges exceed the interest you would pay in a different type of loan.

Loan repayment insurance

Loan repayment insurance

Some lenders offer loan payment insurance. This usually means that, if the borrower dies, the insurer pays the lender the full amount owed. These policies also cover loss of income, such as accident, illness or dismissal, so reimbursements are made for a period of time specified in the policy.

The reimbursement insurance premium can be expensive and not always easy to see in the loan contract. If the premium is added to the loan, you will pay interest on the premium and the car loan.

Check offers offered by as many lenders as possible, including banks and credit unions. By law, a lender can only charge reasonable fees, and you must also submit a disclosure statement that details all the terms of the loan. This should happen before signing, or within five business days after signing.

Request a copy of this statement and read it carefully before agreeing to any agreement. If the statement is difficult to understand, ask questions and a budget consultant can help you get answers. Also calculate the total interest on the loan, or even in the car review : use the loan calculator ordered to do this.

Take the time to decide. A hasty decision can be costly when borrowing money. Many of us overestimate the amount of debt we can carry.

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