5 things you have to have clear before the Christmas raffle

The star themes of this Christmas are going to be the Catalan elections, Real Madrid – Barca, Bitcoin and, of course, the classic of each year: the lottery Christmas raffle held just tomorrow . Because although we all know that it is very difficult for us to touch the fat one, we do not lose the illusion. Yes?

If we want to be well informed, we can not lose sight of certain legal aspects that surround the Christmas lottery and that are of vital importance. In our opinion, these are the five things that you have to have clear before the children of San Ildefonso begin to distribute luck.

If I get the fat of the Christmas Raffle, do I have to pay taxes?

Of course yes. From January 1, 2013, all the prizes awarded by Lotteries and State Bets are taxed at the Tax Agency. Specifically 20% for amounts over 2,500 euros . This means that if you earn less than that amount, you do not have to pay taxes, but from 2,500 euros you have to pay by cash.

Example: if you get 50,000 euros, the first 2,500 euros are exempt, so you have to pay taxes 20% of the remaining 47,500 euros, that is, 9,500 euros. In this way, once your debt with the Treasury is paid, your tax-free prize will be 40,500 euros.

Where can I collect the prize?

For prizes of less than 3,000 euros, it is sufficient for you to approach any authorized point of sale of Lotteries and State Bets. There you will be able to charge it without major problem. However, if the amount is equal to or greater than that amount you must go to an authorized financial institution .

As for the deadline to collect your tenth, at most you have three months to count from the day after the draw. You better not get distracted because after this period, you lose the prize

How do the Christmas raffle holdings work?

A participation is a fraction of a tenth of the Christmas raffle, but for State Lotteries and Bets it has no validity. This means that in the event that you have a one-tenth participation and you touch you, you will not be able to collect it directly, but you will have to go to the issuer of that participation , who will be charged with collecting the tenth and then giving you your share.

If I lose the tenth or if it is very damaged can I charge it?

In the first case, you have a problem. If you realize that you have lost tenth before the draw you must file a complaint with the Civil Guard or the National Police , in which you will be asked to provide evidence that you really had that tenth, for example, a photo in which see all the information of the tenth. You must also notify the Legal Department of State Lotteries and Bets so that they stop the payment and cross your fingers so that the tenth appears.

If your problem is that the tenth is very damaged, what you have to do is go to State Lotteries with him to authenticate it. They could even send it to the Casa de la Moneda to verify its legality. If everything is correct, you will charge it without problem.

I have a shared tenth, what happens if it touches us?

Well, you should go celebrate together. And it is better that none of the graced ones should take the tenth and refuse to share it with the other because this supposes a crime of misappropriation punishable by a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years , in addition to a fine that can reach to be important.

With respect to the taxation of the prize, the tax will be applied to each of the parties, leaving the first 2,500 euros of each of the winners exempt. For example, if you share a tenth with another person and you get 50,000 euros, each one will pay 20% of 22,500 euros, so that the net prize corresponding to each one will be 20,500 euros.