Plan the purchase of your Christmas gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, November is already starting and it is time to think about Christmas gifts, but we want to spend a lot of money on gifts to our loved ones. For this, from Zaplo, we offer you a series of tips to try to save the most in the purchase of your Christmas gifts :

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  1. Start saving for gifts in advance . The ideal is to start saving for Christmas gifts as soon as the summer ends because by the time Christmas arrives you will have a sufficient cushion of money and it will not have cost you as much as releasing all the money at once.
  2. Select the people you are going to make a Christmas present for . There are many families who do not give gifts to all the people in their families because they have very large families and therefore, they only give gifts to certain people : the couple, children, grandparents or parents. In this sense, it is necessary to be clear who you will give and so you will know how many gifts you have to do this Christmas getting to have a plan and create a budget.
  3. Establish a budget Once you know who you are going to give away for Christmas you can set a budget for each of the people . Thus, you will know if the money you have saved or how much you are going to spend comes to you.
  4. Try to buy the gifts in advance . The ideal is to buy the gifts in November and at the most the first week of December since the closer Christmas comes the higher the prices, the fewer offers there are and the more chances you have of running out of the gift you want to buy, especially if you are Fashion.
  5. Stay tuned for offers : Normally during the month of November tend to offer a series of offers both in toys and fashion or cosmetics or technology that should be exploited. Among them is Black Friday . In this way, it would be convenient to pay attention to them, buy gifts on offer and keep them safe for Christmas.
  6. Craft gifts can be a good solution to save . The important thing about gifts at Christmas is the detail of giving to the other person, of the affection you put in choosing the present not what you spend. Therefore, a quite economic and much more personal alternative is the realization of handcrafted or manual gifts . For this, all you need is to have a good idea, be a little “handyman”, have aesthetic taste and above all know very well the person for whom you will be the gift.

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Do you think that all these premises can easily be fulfilled to plan the purchase of your Christmas gifts? Tell us about your experience


Tips to save on Christmas dinner


In the blink of an eye, Christmas is here. It is a time of year of celebration, of being with the family but also of a lot of expense . Therefore, as from Zaplo we know that saving is fundamental for family economies, we offer you a series of tips to save on Christmas dinner.

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Saving at Christmas dinner is possible if you know how

  1. Plan the dinner thinking in advance what will be the menu that we will make . Sometimes agreeing to a lot of people for a menu is an arduous task. Therefore, the sooner we start to plan and close the menu we are going to have at Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and Christmas and New Year’s meals, the better it will be. Thus, once all the attendees agree, the menu closes and it is time to buy the ingredients.
  2. Create a realistic menu and not exaggerated . We have the tendency to create excessive Christmas menus and after that there is too much food that we do not know what to do with it. Therefore, it is better to establish a special but reasonable meal so that we do not waste money.
  3. Buy the ingredients of the menu in advance . At Christmas the typical products of the time become more expensive so it is necessary that all those foods that can be bought in advance and store and freeze (drinks, sweets, meats, fish, etc.) are made, because if we buy them in noviembres its price will be normal and freezing it we will not have lost just quality. For example, one of the most expensive products that can be bought and frozen is seafood.
  4. Buy white brands . This advice can be applied both to the Christmas purchase and to the daily one of a family. Keep in mind that buying white brands is not buying worse quality but cheaper because they do not have a brand to pay for.
  5. Use fresh seasonal products . We refer mainly to fruits and vegetables . To use this type of products will be much cheaper than if we look for another more special one but that is out of season such as strawberries, melon, etc.
  6. Offer with cider . Cider is a cheaper alternative and just as tasty as champagne or cava to toast. Keep in mind that the important thing is to provide with loved ones not with what is provided.

5 things you have to have clear before the Christmas raffle

The star themes of this Christmas are going to be the Catalan elections, Real Madrid – Barca, Bitcoin and, of course, the classic of each year: the lottery Christmas raffle held just tomorrow . Because although we all know that it is very difficult for us to touch the fat one, we do not lose the illusion. Yes?

If we want to be well informed, we can not lose sight of certain legal aspects that surround the Christmas lottery and that are of vital importance. In our opinion, these are the five things that you have to have clear before the children of San Ildefonso begin to distribute luck.

If I get the fat of the Christmas Raffle, do I have to pay taxes?

Of course yes. From January 1, 2013, all the prizes awarded by Lotteries and State Bets are taxed at the Tax Agency. Specifically 20% for amounts over 2,500 euros . This means that if you earn less than that amount, you do not have to pay taxes, but from 2,500 euros you have to pay by cash.

Example: if you get 50,000 euros, the first 2,500 euros are exempt, so you have to pay taxes 20% of the remaining 47,500 euros, that is, 9,500 euros. In this way, once your debt with the Treasury is paid, your tax-free prize will be 40,500 euros.

Where can I collect the prize?

For prizes of less than 3,000 euros, it is sufficient for you to approach any authorized point of sale of Lotteries and State Bets. There you will be able to charge it without major problem. However, if the amount is equal to or greater than that amount you must go to an authorized financial institution .

As for the deadline to collect your tenth, at most you have three months to count from the day after the draw. You better not get distracted because after this period, you lose the prize

How do the Christmas raffle holdings work?

A participation is a fraction of a tenth of the Christmas raffle, but for State Lotteries and Bets it has no validity. This means that in the event that you have a one-tenth participation and you touch you, you will not be able to collect it directly, but you will have to go to the issuer of that participation , who will be charged with collecting the tenth and then giving you your share.

If I lose the tenth or if it is very damaged can I charge it?

In the first case, you have a problem. If you realize that you have lost tenth before the draw you must file a complaint with the Civil Guard or the National Police , in which you will be asked to provide evidence that you really had that tenth, for example, a photo in which see all the information of the tenth. You must also notify the Legal Department of State Lotteries and Bets so that they stop the payment and cross your fingers so that the tenth appears.

If your problem is that the tenth is very damaged, what you have to do is go to State Lotteries with him to authenticate it. They could even send it to the Casa de la Moneda to verify its legality. If everything is correct, you will charge it without problem.

I have a shared tenth, what happens if it touches us?

Well, you should go celebrate together. And it is better that none of the graced ones should take the tenth and refuse to share it with the other because this supposes a crime of misappropriation punishable by a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years , in addition to a fine that can reach to be important.

With respect to the taxation of the prize, the tax will be applied to each of the parties, leaving the first 2,500 euros of each of the winners exempt. For example, if you share a tenth with another person and you get 50,000 euros, each one will pay 20% of 22,500 euros, so that the net prize corresponding to each one will be 20,500 euros.

Would you dare to start a business with your partner

Many people have found in the enterprise the solution to their labor problems. The difficulty to find employment and the low salaries offered by companies has brought out the entrepreneurial vein of many people. The question we ask today in Zaplo is: would you dare to start a business with your partner? Think about it coldly. A business in common with the person you love would imply that you were with her all day, both at work and at home. You would be able?

Advantages of setting up a business as a couple

Contrary to what a priori might seem, setting up a business as a couple has more advantages than disadvantages. One of the most important of all is that from the first moment there will be trust and sincerity among the partners. Possibly there is no person in the world with whom we can talk more about you than you do with the one with whom we share a bed. In the business world, trusting and delegating to the person you have in the office next door is essential to prosper.

In addition, at an affective level, the couple spends much more time together , and that can be good for the relationship. In a world as busy as today, many couples barely see each other during the day because of work. This problem disappears when both share the same working space.

Another important advantage is the cost savings involved in setting up a business as a couple. In addition to the fact that the two people are going to work together, with the consequent saving in fuel , if they use the car for it, the costs of hiring personnel at the beginning of the company are also reduced.

When setting up a business as a couple, the ease of making decisions is also greater. However, this in turn can lead to problems if, from the start, there is no sharing of responsibilities and power according to the professional skills of each member of the couple. It is also important to clearly define whether one of the parties has a greater degree of power than the other and, with that, greater decision-making power. This way we will avoid problems in the future.

Disadvantages of undertaking as a couple

With regard to the disadvantages, undoubtedly the main one is the result of not knowing how to separate personal life from professional life . If we start as a couple we can not take home work problems . This is quite complicated, but basic to keep the relationship as well as the business relationship in good health.

In this same sense, many partner businesses end up mixing the economy of their own business with the family economy , so that there is no clear delimitation on what the family’s finances are and what those of the company itself.

On the other hand, it is quite frequent that the couples who undertake together, when they have a personal bad spell with each other, transfer this problem to the company. If you have had a bad night with your partner because of an argument, it will be difficult to put an end to that bad feeling first thing in the morning to start working together, and this is not good for the company. If a divorce or separation also occurs, keeping the business afloat becomes even more complicated.

10 tips so you do not ruin your business


Entrepreneurship is not a path of roses. On the way you will find traps, stones and problems, many problems. Being your own boss and at the same time your most precious worker will not be easy . With the passage of time you will realize that it is very difficult to carry the responsibility of maintaining a business in positive numbers.

But calm, we do not want to overwhelm you and yes find solutions. You can get everything you propose with your business if you put into practice these 10 tips to not ruin it.

If you do not want to ruin your business, follow these tips

1º. Have willpower.

Self-discipline is fundamental in the business world. Create good work habits, force yourself to grow as an entrepreneur every day and do not give up before the problems that arise. Because you have something always present: there will be difficult times and you will have to leave them without help.

2º. Be positive.

Do not think that the most apocalyptic scenario possible can come true. When there are downs , there will be, afrones with a strong and positive mentality . Negative thoughts will only serve to block you and prevent you from advancing as you should.

3º. Have a spirit of sacrifice.

In the beginning you will have to give up many things if you want your company to be successful . You may not be able to attend that important football game for your child or you may have to sleep less than usual for a couple of years, but do not forget that behind every sacrifice there is always a great success.

4th No procrastines.

In the day to day will arise a lot of tasks that you do not want to do and that you will try to postpone indefinitely in time. No procrastins, dear entrepreneur . If you have to do something, how much sooner do it much better. Free yourself from the burden of leaving half tasks.

5th Keep it real.

Your goals must be real. If you want to invoice six figures, before you will have to invoice five, and before four, and before …. 1 euro? Go little by little and consider only the objectives that you can really reach . Do not get on the back of a multicolored unicorn if you do not want the fall to be anthological.

6th. Organize your time correctly.

You should set a start time and an end time for your workday , and try to respect them as much as possible. Your time is gold and you must learn to manage it optimally. Do not waste time on the banal and focus on what really needs your attention. When necessary, delegate.

7th Critify yourself in front of the mirror.

Park your ego and have a critical spirit with yourself. You are not perfect, nor do you need to, so if you do something wrong, acknowledge it and find how to solve it . The big entrepreneurs are the ones who manage to learn from their own mistakes before. The ego is evil, do not fall into its clutches.

8th Be humble.

Not only must you learn to criticize yourself, but also to fit the criticisms that others make about you or your business . The feedback from your friends, customers or suppliers will be essential for the optimal progression of your company. Without feedback there is no direction and without direction there is no future.

9th Learn to sell.

Bring out the commercial spirit that is inside you. You have to lose the fear and the shame to sell to strangers . Do you know any company that works without selling? Sales are everything in business. Overcome the famous impostor syndrome and sell that unique service that only you can offer.

10th Do networking

Connect with other entrepreneurs and with other professionals in your sector. From them you can learn and gain valuable experiences . You can not imagine how important it is for your business that you are in the right circles. Social networks will make this task much easier and Facebook groups are a good place to start looking.

Indexed funds: this is the investment preferred by Warren Buffet

Once you manage to spend less money than you enter , you save. And if you prolong the savings over time, you can invest with guarantees . Investment is one of the easiest ways to make your money work for you by generating a month-to-month income. There are many investment products in the market (including index funds) that, in general, can be classified as active management and passive management products .

We speak of active management when a manager or adviser draws up an investment portfolio based on a series of criteria, such as the risk that the investor wants to assume or the time frame of the investment. The result of the fund will depend on the skill of the professional who has made it and we expect that the return obtained by your fund is higher than the market average, in our case the IBEX35 .

Meanwhile, with the passive management funds there is no human intervention when it comes to making it, but rather they replicate to their reference index, for example, to the IBEX35. Managers only have to adjust the fund according to the companies that enter and leave the IBEX and the weight of each in the index.

What are index funds?

Indexed funds are one of the star products of passive management and, according to Warren Buffet – the third richest person in the world and, for many, the best investor of the century – the safest and most profitable option to invest in the stock market .

Like any passive management product, the main characteristic of an indexed fund is that it replicates the evolution of a stock index , so it obtains the same performance as its reference index. There are many studies that suggest that this type of investment offers greater long-term profitability than active management funds.

Advantages of index funds

Indexed funds have some advantages over active management funds that make them very attractive to investors. These are the main ones :

  1. They have lower costs , so it is cheaper to invest in them
  2. They get better results . Due to the lower costs since there is no direct human management behind them, the performance of these funds is higher.
  3. They allow you to diversify your investment portfolio without too many complications, since they replicate stock indices that are already diversified.
  4. They have tax advantages when making transfers, although in this they do not differ much with respect to the funds of active management.
  5. You can use roboadvisors to manage them if you do not have investment knowledge.

In spite of all these advantages, it must be clear that as an investment fund, it has specific associated risks that you should know about . The main one is that the market experiences phases of ups and downs, so it is impossible to know for sure what will happen, although this should not worry too much if your investment is long term. However, it is almost impossible for an indexed fund in the long term to be unprofitable, since the logical tendency of any stock index is to grow in value as the years pass.